Sweet Pea


So we’ve (not-so) patiently waited these past weeks to get ourselves and our week 6 sweet pea in with the good doctor and tomorrow’s the day.

I’m not entirely sure why we feel so dependent on his saying so to finally let out a deep breath and admit that holy cow, we ARE pregnant.  Maybe we just like the guy (we do).  Maybe we just want to hear all’s okay.  Really we’re looking for the man to take one peek inside and immediately declare, “yes ma’am,” “heck of a uterus!”  This is the kind of official confirmation we’d like to get.

That and the ultrasound for which we’re prepared to plead.  I wouldn’t want us to be labeled ultrasound whore.   But who would not, I ask, beg to let them see the lubs and dubs of their child’s human heart?  Keeping fingers crossed…


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