Carnival for Three

One balmy November Florida afternoon & night, the talent that is Ricardo Serpa of Lux Images captured these delightful shots of two crazy kids in love (that would be us).

Fair 38

fair 74

Fair 91

Fair 92

Fair 95

Fair 59

Then I came across this maternity shot by the amazing Jessica Claire. And baby makes three. It’d be something special re-capturing the moment belly in tow, no?

Jessica Claire


2 thoughts on “Carnival for Three

  1. These amazing engagement photos inspired me to contact Lux – and now they’re shooting my wedding! So thank you for sharing them! And definitely re-do those pictures with the baby belly, that would be so adorable. 🙂

  2. I did not know you did these kind of shots! These are absolutely wonderful! I went to the Lux website and saw all your shots! They came out so good! When i get back, I have to see the wedding book! I’m super jealous! You had a great photographer.

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