Operation Closet

We got to work this past weekend (mainly Craig got to work while I graded) and began clearing out the (soon-to-be defunct) man-room’s closet.  Some stuff we donated — some stuff we trashed.  And there are still the winter coats (as you can imagine, in Florida, they don’t get worn much) and Air Force uniforms to relocate…but we have progress!

We went shopping and scooped up the Trofast frame and cubbies I’d been eye-balling since the IKEA crazy cute catalog made its way into my home.  I’m giddy about the storage space I’ve gained both for now (for loveys, bath toys, etc.) and for later (crayons, Hot Wheel cars, and the like).  Craig dutifully built it, and it fits perfectly in the closet (our frame is half the size of this one, with blue buckets instead of red ones):

Now my darling closet organizers are on their way…

…and the work of washing and storing adorable little clothing can begin!


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