Our Handsome – and Calm! – Boy

We couldn’t help ourselves but to peek in on our little fox in utero and see what he was up to in all 3D/4D glory.

Here’s what we learned about the little guy from our extra special session today: he thinks Mama’s placenta — super thick and solidly up front — makes for a heck of a nice pillow. It’s apparently so comfy, he wouldn’t budge his little face away from it for the whole 30 minutes (which means we basically got the same shot over and over again).

His little head is down around the left quadrant of my belly and when he’s not trying out some yoga poses and stretching his legs all the way up to his nose, he’s got them nicely nestled underneath my right boob. No wonder that’s really the only area where I feel him these days! He also seems to have a predilection for sitting criss-cross/applesauce.

He’s definitely got his Mama’s chin — there’s no doubt about that. Poor boy.

(And he is, let there be no doubt, in fact, a boy).

He already looks so cramped in there, it’s hard to imagine he’s got about 15 more weeks to go in that tiny womb. However will he fit?!

Get a good look for yourself at our precious boy:

And here he is live and in color:

All that remains to be seen is whether he will be as calm on the outside as he was today on the inside…and whether he’ll look more like his papa or his mama: what do you think?


9 thoughts on “Our Handsome – and Calm! – Boy

  1. That is pretty amazing stuff! I had no idea you can see him so clearly in the video!! From what I could see…I would say he’s looking a lot like craig…minus the chin, of course!

  2. My nephew is soooo cute! Isn’t technology an increadible thing?! The miracle of life is certainly something words cannot express! Can’t wait to see him soon… I find (after 4 kids… and some observation) that the kids that look like you take the other’s spouse personality. What do you think?!

  3. Wow, he looks great! I think I might be a few weeks behind you (26), but at the hospital last week the sono tech gave me a peek of 3D in b&w, and it was actually a bit traumatic. So cool to see her face, but it was NOT the face of a baby who’s fully formed and ready to be born, and in light of our preterm labor scare….

    Anyway, how exciting to have an actual mental picture of your sweet, calm little boy. Congrats!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Tara — the u/s was done at 25w5d, but I think we’ve got us a chunky one…either that or our due date is off. He’s been measuring between 5 and 8 days ahead at ALL our ultrasounds, so I’m not sure whether to expect a 10 pounder at birth or an “early” baby!

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