Squash Banana

Sometimes I can’t believe that this pregnancy is 75% complete, but I know it must be so if for no other reason that there are only two veggies/fruits after this to which my growing belly can be compared.

Right now ladies and gentlemen it seems I have a squash inside me, a mostly lazy squash with intermittent whirly twirly moments that I love. This squash brings with it marked sciatic pain and a preference therefore to have Craig tie my shoelaces rather than bending over and doing it myself, and it’s squashing my stomach to the point that, well, sometimes I just can’t stomach any too large a meal (though this doesn’t mean never). Even so, I’m still (mostly) sleeping through the night, which is delightful considering I otherwise make 1000 daytime trips just to pee one drop each time.

Mainly at this point I’m just anxious to have a real look from the outside at our little guy, and it’s pretty crazy to think that in less than 3 months I’ll get to do just that. ‘Til then, I’ll keep the blog alive in weeks to come sharing all the other news in our lives, such as our recent trip to Disney, the awesome gift from my husband this Xmas, our childbirth classes just begun and much more!


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