These Are A Few of Our Favorite Pins

There is a relatively new obsession at The Higher Nest and that is Disney pin collecting.

We’ve gone full nerd on this one too people, and we’re not afraid to admit it: we traveled to the happiest place on earth last month for three glorious pinapalooza tradin’ days (and will do it all over again in three weeks, 33 week ‘ol belly and all), own a comprehensive Disneyana pin catalog, regularly download and listen to “the only podcast dedicated to Disney pin trading”, The Disney Pincast, maintain one album, one pin bag, and a very detailed profile on PinPics (and with military precision at that), proudly display a pin board in our home office, and, barring Craig’s school schedule, regularly attend local pin trading events on Wednesday nights.

No, no — don’t pity us: we love it (and we wouldn’t even otherwise say we’re the collecting type – go figure!).

If you are interested in learning more about what this pin trading business is all about, visit the Get Started page on Disney’s official pin trading website.

If you just want a wee peek at some of our prides & joys, looky here:

(And if you just don’t get it, phooey to you!).


3 thoughts on “These Are A Few of Our Favorite Pins

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