Baby Shower: I

What can I say?  I work with some great ladies!  I always knew my English department colleagues were smart — but this past Sunday I was also reminded of how sweet and thoughtful they are too!

I’d been anxiously awaiting the day since I heard the good news weeks ago of their hosting a baby shower in my honor, and the day did not disappoint — how could it?  People brought some yum yummy homemade dishes, and we got to enjoy a lovely — and rare: cool — January Florida day out on the patio, eating and talking (either about babies or about teaching, lol).

I wish I had some good photographs to share, but of course, I dutifully toted my SLR and then forgot all about it.  Suffice it to say that the most adorable Onesie clothesline adorned the main room, courtesy of our department’s secretary!  There will be no shortage of them ’round these parts or much else, for that matter: diapers, sleepers, swaddling blankets, bath products — I could go on and on.   It was much too much, and I couldn’t be more thankful.


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