Baby Shower: II

Craig and I sometimes look at each other in disbelief and talk in earnest about how ridiculously lucky we are, how good we have it.  More proof of this came in the shape of the baby shower hosted by my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and sister just one week after the one hosted by my lovely colleagues.  I would say that I dragged Craig to this one, but I know that secretly he loves all the cute baby stuff as much as I do (though mostly, being the techie that he is, he loved best the video monitor we received courtesy of my best friend Elle: and just you wait ’til you see this thing hooked up!).

He really loved this guy too though, so it may be hard to pick a favorite:

We all had a great time eating from a plentiful buffet followed by cake (most adorable cake!)…

…and playing games.  My friend Liam sure has an inflated sense of what it costs to raise a baby, no? 😉

There’s tons more photos of us opening the many many generous gifts we received, amazing gifts such as gorgeous Aden + Anais muslin wraps (which my good friend and finn’s garden author swears by), a reversible Hotlsings baby sling,  the most freaking adorable personalized Onesie you’ll ever see, and tons more.  So why don’t I show you these photos then?  Guess no one dared tell the hot pregnany lady that she had giant sweat stains under her pits: pregnancy is lovely, no?


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