Eight Is Enough

I won’t call it the cruelest month since month 9 is right around the corner and I’m no fool, but my oh my, pregnancy month 8 is not for the weak.  Something happens around week 32 where magically the clock resets to first trimester woes except this time with a moving honeydew inside you.  Nausea, which I had delighfully eluded in those first couple of months, rears its ugly head here and there in the middle night once more, to keep its cousins heartburn and acid reflux company (so help me if that child is bald!).

And then there’s all the new stuff too.  Like the fact that you now most certainly waddle rather than walk.  And your pelvis is seemingly splitting in two.  And although Craig has been kind in saying otherwise, emotionally you’re taking a toll too.  Please don’t take it personally if I haven’t spoken to you in a while, really.  I’ve gone into semi-manic nesting mode, demanding that every last item be purchased and all baby goods be assembled at once.  I want the cars to be detailed this week (perhaps the last time they’ll remain clean inside?) and the car seats installed.  And I’ve made lists.  Many lists.  All of this in the last week alone, all while crying at random things too — almost even at a scene from Happy Feet or most definitely while just waiting for Craig to return from the post office.  Seriously, pregnancy’s no joke.


5 thoughts on “Eight Is Enough

  1. The Higher Nest is “Nesting!”

    It’s a good instinct though, because seriously, you won’t get anything done like cleaning or organizing for at least a good 3 months after the baby is born…

    I’m sorry you are so uncomfortable. The home stretch is so hard. Hang in there!

  2. I totally empathize with you. I remember thinking, “could I possibly get more uncomfortable?” But the truth is that we adapt as necessary, going through ENORMOUS changes while pregnant AND afterward. It’s mind-blowing, but somehow, your head stays on and your heart is changed forever!

  3. Lou!!!

    I LOVE your blog–I am so happy for you and Craig! Your little boy is so lucky to have you guys for parents.. Sorry that this last part is so uncomfy and emotional, but I’m sure you can’t wait til that beautiful boy makes his debut and it will all have been worth it.
    Love and Prayers,

  4. Thanks for the congrats 🙂 I can’t wait to meet your little one!! I’m going back to my regular blog – one of my goals during maternity leave was to get our family website up and running so we’ll see how that goes.

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