The Little Ram

Lott Bruhn Illustration

As silly as caring about a zodiac sign may sound to some, I must admit some trepidation when March 20th passed and the Pisces window officially closed for our little sprout.  Craig’s a Pisces you see, and I thought it somewhat cute that father and son would share a sun sign and perhaps, more substantially,  a temperament.  But alas, an Aries our boy will be (which is not so bad a thing, eh?  One of my favorite people in this world is an Aries!), and as such supposedly destined to be, according to lore, determined, headstrong, adventurous and good-natured.  We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?


4 thoughts on “The Little Ram

  1. So cute! 🙂 My son was born the day after his daddy’s birthday so I’ve got two little Aquarians here..we joked around that we’d love to have a little daughter born around my birthday so we’d have two Leos to balance out the two Aquarians!

  2. I have been terrible about keeping up w/ blogs and never added this blog to my reader when you stop posting at Mom Q. But for some reason you popped in my head and I had to track you down to see how things were going. So close!!!!! It’s funny that this is your last post. I was due at the end of November, but I just knew our son would be a scorpio like his dad. Sure enough he was born on 11/21–the last day of scorpio! GOOD LUCK! I hope you have a wonderful birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aries are amazing people. They are very good natured people which is why they always have so many friends. Your baby is amazing and so are you.

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