Happy Birthday!

With great joy, we introduce the newest member of the Higher Nest:

Wesley Fox H.

Born Friday, March 27, 2009

1:41 pm

8 lbs. 11 oz.



26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. What sweet photos! Wes is perfectly precious! I’m so happy for the three of you — and excited that Finn has a new playmate…

  2. Oh..I can see why you are in LOVE!!! He is gorgeous!! I was just telling Dave that I was expecting a call very soon…
    I am so happy for both of you. I hadn’t seen your prego pics until now…how did i know you would look so fab even with a beautiful 8lb baby inside!! Precious, just precious. I am thinking about making a trip when the semester ends in May..Little Wes will b my first stop.

  3. Yay, how exciting! He’s beautiful (and such a big boy). And I definitely recognize those blankets — hope you got to take some home, they’re fantastic for swaddling. 🙂

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