How We’re Surviving the First Few Weeks

With Percocet (me, when it was needed) and coffee (both of us, daily).  We’ve fallen in love with a few other items, too:

1. Summer Infant Best View Color Handheld Video Monitor: By far, our most prized baby goods possession.  We can keep an eye on Wes during naps and nighttime from any room in our home.  And we can see when he’s just fussing, keeping us from walking in a bit too hastily and disturbing him when not needed.  Plus the camera looks great mounted on the wall!

2. Iztbeen Baby Care Timer: Yes, Craig laughed at me when I added this to our registry, but he knows better now.  As time goes by and we get more comfortable addressing Wes’ needs on demand and noticing his own routine, we use it less and less, but in those first few days — when we wanted to make sure he didn’t go past a certain window without eating, etc. — it was invaluable.  And in the morning, after one person has been up with Wes at night, it helps the other catch up on what happened when.   It can keep track of time between nappy changes, feeds, sleep cycles and one other interval of your choice.  Now if only the Itzbeen people could make it so that it keeps a record of events, down-loadable to one’s computer.  (In the meantime, we’re keeping a hard copy “Poop Log,” too).

3. Fisher-Price Soothe n’ Play Woodland Friends Bouncer: Or as Craig refers to it because of its groovy pattern, the “Hippy Dippy.”  A Target exclusive, it can’t be beat at $27.  We’d selected the Fisher-Price Little Lamb Infant Seat first, but changed our minds when we noted that yes, it vibrated, but a baby couldn’t make it bounce on his/her own (and we don’t want Wes to be rattled only at our will).  When we have more spit-up than normal, we can use it to keep Wes upright after meals.  Or just keep him entertained during his short (for now) awake times.  I think I would have loved the Bjorn Babysitter in its place — and its Wooden Toy Bar — but I just couldn’t justify the price. 

4. Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly: in tubes (rather than in that odd square-ish container that requires your whole hand to go in), for our boy’s circumcision care.  That way we could squeeze the stuff directly on without ever having to touch the healing part in question.

5.Munchkin Changing Pads: I know how seeing as they’re disposable, they’re not good for the environment, but they keep us from having to wash Wes’ diaper pad cover again and again (like on that day we had one pee accident after another) — and for me, that’s a good thing!  We just place one over the pad and change as needed — they do a great job absorbing a mess.

6. Mesh Dishwasher Baskets & Drying Rack: Now that we bottle feed, we have more washing to do than we care for.  The drying rack helps keep me sane by holding all bottle pieces in one place, and I can easily get the nipples good and cleaned by tossing them in the dishwasher.

We’ll have to see what else gets us to the end of the month — and beyond!


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