Don’t let that smile fool ‘ya — that’s just gas!  And if anything, our poor little Wes had one “crabby” day, most likely due to the second round of Hep B vaccine he received at his 1 month check-up today.

I’m sure the constant up-chuck issues we have had of late aren’t helping the little guy either.  I guess it’s the norm for many babies to suffer from reflux, but my, I’m looking forward to formula not dripping down my shirt after every feed, practically (at least I haven’t been at the receiving end of the projectile vomiting, as Craig’s been).

I’ve had my suspicions that what’s been ailing Wes was in fact reflux, more so than just plain gas or general fussiness, and the pediatrician seems to confirm this.  We’re going with just a change of  formula for now — no meds yet or invasive testing, thank goodness!  And this may be the sort of thing that he just plain outgrows, but let’s face it: my boy’s gastrointestinal deck of cards is stacked against him.  Pyloric stenosis runs in Craig’s family, and I spent my first 7 months of life sleeping upright thanks to a congenital issue where the opening of my esophagus into the stomach wouldn’t shut (oh how much fun those 7 months must have been for my poor mother…).

The good news is our little chunker is otherwise thriving.  At one month, he checks in at 11 lbs. 2 oz. and 23.25 inches.  That puts him in the 75th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for length: no wonder his “Newborn” pj’s no longer fit!


6 thoughts on “90th/75th

  1. The adorable Wes IS a big baby — even bigger than Finn was at a month — although Finn was smaller at birth. Both put on almost three pounds within the first month, if I’m figuring correctly. Considering what percentage of their total weights that is, I’d say it’s pretty amazing. Wes is certainly “thriving”; keep up the good work, Mommy!

  2. You’re being kind Leah! I’m really just getting into all this photography stuff: I use a Canon SLR Rebel XT and its kit lens or the Canon 50mm 1.8/f lens (which is still tricky for me to use). And I’m just recently experimenting with Photoshop and actions. I’m glad you enjoy the photos!

  3. Oh boy, do we know that projectile vomit — last night I changed clothes three times in an hour!! Sorry to hear Wes is suffering, and hope the new formula clears things right up.

    And PS, I totally agree with Leah on the photo front. Your photos always make me jealous that our poor girl won’t have such a beautiful record of her own first months.

  4. Oh no Tara — I hate hearing that Wallaby is having tummy issues, too! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they came into the world with happy tummies? And dont’ be silly about the photos: the two in your blog are beautiful. I can’t wait to see more of that precious girl!

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