Piratetude (You Are a Pirate)

I hope as Wes gets older he’ll really come to love his ever-growing collection of hand and finger puppets.  He already showed a budding interest at 1 week while watching his papa’s amazing debut performance.  I think Craig may have missed his true calling!


5 thoughts on “Piratetude (You Are a Pirate)

  1. Adorable! Did I just see Wes try to reach out toward one of them? He’s showing excellent hand dexterity AND an early interest in drama! We’ve got Darwin and Twain finger puppets; perhaps we can bring them over and conduct a full one-act play about 19th century pirates on the Mississippi that try to “ransom” the Naturalist as he catalogues snakes on Jackson’s island…

  2. Oh my goodness! I had followed you over from weddingbee to mom quixote, and then for a while to this blog, but forgot to watch for updates. I was reading the former Mrs. CP’s posts about children and you came to mind. I am excited for you that you have had such a gorgeous baby! I know this is what you wanted, and I’m sure it’s the most amazing adventure for you and your hubs. I can’t wait to catch up on your posts! Congratulations to all of you! (Love the name, too!)

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