Mommy and Me

Here perhaps is the one photograph of Wesley and me where I don’t think I look awful — mainly due of course to the fact that most of me is hidden behind my beautiful boy and some oversized sunglasses.  It wasn’t planned, but I love seeing how the pink of my shirt and the blue of Wes’ kimono contrast one another, much in the way my fair boy stands out against his dark-haired mama.  I wonder how that disparity appears to the world.  Even I am still surprised sometimes looking into his perfectly handsome face, and think to myself: is he really mine?  He is, and my, how I love him.

Edit: And look what that beautiful boy (and, I suspect, his papa and brother Niles, too) got me for Mother’s Day, to add to my pin collection!

Bestist Mom Aristocats Pin

World's Gratest Mom Dalmatians


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