The High Cost of Stress

Look at my boy’s perfectly pouty lips.  Too bad I can’t say the same thing about my own.  Cold sores, the bane of my existence, strike again this week.   Where I would normally only get one or two a year, this latest one makes three (!) in the seven short weeks that comprise my young son’s life.  Just as I am getting over one, another one invades, keeping me from kissing my incredibly kissable husband and son and terrorizing me with the fear that one day I will contaminate them both, much as someone contaminated me as a child.

So as I come to the official end of my post-partum period, when everything in me should be healed, I remain plagued, and with the monumental lack of sleep and stress that comes with motherhood, I fear I will remain so for a while.


3 thoughts on “The High Cost of Stress

  1. Oh, no… please allow me to pass along some information I came across the last time my oh-so-kissable husband got a nasty cold sore and I was tired of smooching him on the forehead:

    It’s common for cold sores to break out when amino acids get out of whack, which, as you know, can be caused by stress. Lysine is the amino acid that can help prevent breakouts and speed up healing. When I learned this, I went to a health food store and picked up lysine supplements for the hubs. His big cold sore, which normally would have lasted another week-plus, was GONE in three days. Now he takes the stuff to prevent breakouts, and though he’s been stressed about his dissertation (the cause of his last two breakouts) he hasn’t had one since.

    If you’ve tried lysine and it hasn’t worked, please ignore this and accept my sympathy as the spouse of someone similarly afflicted. But if you haven’t tried it, give it a shot. We were shocked and elated about how well it worked.

  2. I’m so sorry…you have such a beautiful little boy and I’m sure it’s torture to keep from kissing his sweet little lips. I hope the suggestion above works wonders for you!!!!

  3. Thanks!

    mhb: I’m relying on my new prescription and yogurt at the moment, but I will have to try this lysine! I hope it works miracles…

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