Month 2

Weight: 13lbs. 8 oz..!!!

Height: 24.5″

Those stats put us at 97th and 90th percentiles, accordingly, if the charts were read correctly: oh my!

His added weight and age have likely helped along our chunky monkey’s ability to sleep one 6 hour stretch at night — and sometimes longer (May 25th::slept from 8 pm to 5 am::thank you very much!  Now just do it again! 🙂 ).

And as  you can imagine from those stats, he’s practically outgrown all 0-3 month clothing.  Anything footed was history looooooooong ago.

So much has happened since Wes’ 1 month birthday.

At 6 weeks, he visited Disney World for the first time.  Silly/crazy parents.  It was hot, and he exploded (as we like to say).  Because we’re Disney freaks, avid pin collectors and proud annual pass holders, we’ll try again at 6 months and hope for the best.

He met our first baby friend, SJ, only to watch her too soon after move to Atlanta.  /Cry.  We miss you!

We met up with our friend Finn for a first playdate of sorts.  Wes basically slept right through it.  Still, it made us look forward to Wes laughing and tumbling with the pure joy with which Finn does.

It’s possible that we enjoy the playmat for a total of 6 minutes now. Hey!  That’s one more minute than before.  And oficially, he still hates tummy time.

We gave Tylenol for the first time (just today!) and felt slightly guilty about polluting his little body with vaccines for so many nasty diseases, but we know it’s for the best.  At any rate, Wes got through the whole thing like a champ, my big brave boy, and now sleeps the day away.

Best of all he smiles more now and is proving to be a good conversationalist, expertly cooing back at his papa any chance he gets.  Sometimes in his sleep, he even laughs.  How we look forward to the real thing!


5 thoughts on “Month 2

  1. Congrats on the good night’s sleep — and that big and TALL boy of yours! Impressive stats! He’s got chunky Finn’s 2 month weight beat by 9 ounces (we won’t talk about height, lest we give Finn — and short, little mommy — a complex).

  2. Thanks Jennifer!

    I use a Canon Rebel XT. Most of the photos I post weren’t taken with its kit lens though but rather with a Canon 50mm lens. It’s a pretty inexpensive lens, and I’ve gotten some nice photos with it, but I must admit that I have a lot of focusing issues with it as well. I’m hoping to be able to upgrade to a better lens one day!

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