Floor Exercises

Wes is pretty pleased with his new Skip*Hop Playspot, chosen because as my web friend pointed out, most playmats of this kind are only safety-rated for 3 yrs. and up, but this one’s rated 0+.  I would have loved tiles in a green/blue combination to go with the rest of Wes’ room, but I’m sufficiently happy with the golds and blues (Craig’s choice; I must admit I lobbied a bit for the Brights).

And though he’s not doing somersaults yet (listen, he can’t even roll over at this point), he continues to practice his strenous hand/arm/mouth exercises, determined to score a perfect 10…eventually.  Hey, this is hard work for a 2-monther!


7 thoughts on “Floor Exercises

  1. Ariana — I always forget about One Step Ahead! I plan on buying some food containers for home-made baby food from them when the time comes though. I believe they’ve received better reviews than the ones I’ve seen at BRU.

    I do sure like how the mat looks in photos!

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