Kangaroo Style

Yesterday over at Adventures in Babywearing mamas were showing off their babywearing stashes — I own only two baby carriers, which hardly classifies as a stash, but here they are anyway.  Because lately I’ve had many an urge to wear Wes around.  I have to admit that’s been unexpected.  (Then again, I have twice now brought Wes to my bed to nap with me, so there’s co-sleeping going on this house, too.  So yes, I’m getting crunchier by the minute).  I just thought babywearing would be a convenient thing to do every once in a while.  But as it turns out, I happen to like having the little guy closey-close to me.

Of course, the whole thing hasn’t gone without incident.  I had no luck with Wes in the Hotsling/infant cradle hold the first few times I tried it.  Then last week I figured he was probably big boy enough to try the modified cradle hold.

Wes was all like “LOL what?”

Before going into complete shock…

…and then thermonuclear meltdown.

Of course, I wasn’t wearing the darn thing right anyway.  Poor Hotslings people probably just about died when they came across my Tweeter feed: “Wes + Hotsling = Epic Fail.”  But they were kind enough to inform me that I needed to move the seam a bit more center and all that.  And to their credit, the next time I tried it Wes actually fell asleep in it!  But we haven’t had luck with it since.  At 6 months or so we’ll give the hip carry a try, see how it goes.  This sling is ust too pretty to give up altogether.

In the meantime, Wes seem born to Bjorn.  Yes, I’ve read all about how it isn’t so comfortable and not so great for baby’s hips, but it’s so easy.  And the man child appears capable of riding facing out now, which I think he finds terribly exciting, even if these photos don’t reveal it:

(By God, this child is cute!)

Next I hope to get a  woven wrap, which Craig believes looks like complicated Jedi’s robes — which, hello!, is just one reason why they’re cool!


14 thoughts on “Kangaroo Style

  1. Thanks for stopping by Marcela! Honestly, I am so challenged — I sorta tried to do a tummy-to-tummy hold in the Hotsling, but I don’t think I had it right at all!

  2. As you know, we loved the Bjorn — and Finn did, too, so much so that we rarely even used the stroller when we went out. I use the past tense because Finn is pushing maximum density and barely fits in the Bjorn these days. I also use a Peanut Shell sling and he sits in it facing me or on my hip, fat little legs dangling. It’s snuggly, but not as secure as the Bjorn for total arm-free movement. Consequently, I just ordered a BabyHawk carrier and am waiting for it to arrive. I love the fact that I got to pick out my own fabric — and the fact that it can be worn so many different ways! I’ll let you know how I like it…

  3. Thanks everyone!

    That’s awesome on the BabyHawk Sarah — now that I’ve looked around, I think I may want to invest in a Beco carrier, which holds up to 45 lbs. apparently. I’m pretty torn between it and a woven wrap now!

    • The Beco looks great! I hadn’t seen it before. Like the BabyHawk, the Beco seems to offer a variety of carrying positions, which I think is important. You never know which position you or your baby will prefer as he grows and changes.

  4. You know what? Whatever your child likes the best is what I would say to use. My child happens to like the backpack best too. Everytime I try to use the ring sling she gets mad. I’m probably doing it wrong, but I would rather have a happy baby, which she really is in the backpack, she will stay forever in it! I’m going to be so sad when she outgrows it. 😦

  5. You know what’s nuts is that I tried the hotsling, Neddy didn’t like it very much. We tried the Bjorn which he totally loved from when he was only 5 weeks old! And my hubby had this front to back carrier thing but it was way too much and we ended up returning that one along with the hotsling. And then, one of our uncles got us this Combi front to back carrier which when in the front, it looks like a Bjorn but heck, it’s got a lot more complicated clicks than a Bjorn! And unbeknownst to me, the hubby decided that the Combi was better than the Bjorn so he gave our Bjorn away!!! TEAR – Neddy misses it!

  6. I have the exact same Hotsling. Bought it for boy #4 and loved it. I told hubby that we should have another one just to get more return on that investment.

    He’s not buying it so much.

    I also have an Ergo carrier that I bought used on Craigslist and I love that too for later in babyhood.

    Cute pics.

  7. Jasper HATED all slings – peanut shell, hotsling etc were also total fails. He liked the moby style wraps when he was little (particularly when facing out) I got mine here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5366490

    But what I really loved was our babyhawk.. I used to tie the bottom part on and then hold him against my chest and bounce on the exercise ball until he fell asleep.. then I was able to actually pull the rest up over him and tie him in it while still sleeping. It was a sanity saver!

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