Jumping Jellybean

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday Wes was all torment and fury and today, why, someone musta gone out and switched him with a happy and fun baby.

We slept in ’til a decent time this morning, enjoyed one morning stroller walk and one midday Bjorn walk despite the hellish heat, more than tolerated floor time and napped without a fight.

Then Papa kindly put together our jumperoo.  I missed the maiden voyage seeing as how the boys were kind enough to let me nap myself, but I didn’t waste any time testing the goods out later in the day.

In typical Wes fashion, the second first impression was one of “woman, are you for real?”:

And though he never cracked a smile — he’s stingy that way — he did manage to reach out for toys and even possibly, by Jove, enjoy himself:

Heck, I’m really just amazed by long bean’s not-quite-three months tippy toes could already reach the floor, no propping required!

More days like this, please?


9 thoughts on “Jumping Jellybean

  1. So pleased I found you! I used to follow you on Weddingbee back in my wedding planning days, and just checked it on a whim today and found your blog. I’m so happy to hear about your new baby boy, congratulations! He’s gorgeous.

  2. Those photos are amazing! You will have such a wonderful record of Wes’s childhood — what a treasure. (As always, thinking of our own ill-lit, poorly timed shots I am consumed with jealousy. But c’est la vie.)

  3. Aw Tara, the kids won’t even care what the photos looked like. I think they’ll just be happy that we wrote about them with such love — at least I hope so! 😉

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