To My Papa on the Occasion of His First Papa’s Day

Dear Papa:

There are so many things for which to say thank you.

Thank you for holding my hand from the second I was born.  It was no fun lying in that stupid plastic box away from my mama for three whole hours so soon after my birth, but you still made me feel so closey-close:

Thank you for holding me so tight the day it rained for the first time in my life.  Together inside we were dry and safe and warm:

Thank you for each and every one of your huggles and kisses, beard or no beard!

Thank you for the times asleep in your arms.  It’s okay if you sleep, too:

For all the rocking and shushing, feeding and burping, bathing and diapering, building and assembling, constant paci replacing and 3 am waking, storybook reading and master puppeteering — for all the loving — and more, thank you.

All my love on this first Papa’s Day and forever and ever,

Your son, WeFo


7 thoughts on “To My Papa on the Occasion of His First Papa’s Day

  1. My little WeFo, in addition to being handsome and charming your blogging skills have become amazing! I love you and your mother so much. You’ve enriched our family more than we ever would have guessed. Now tell that mama of yours to stop holding you up to the keyboard and go take a nap. Last thing I need is a cranky baby head on my special day.

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Elisa — now it’s going to go to his head, lol!

    And Becca – okay be me 😉
    That Jax writes one heck of a letter! I can’t believe how big he has gotten. What an amazing boy he is, Wes’ due date buddy.

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