Papa’s Weekend

Okay, Father’s Day weekend?  Best family weekend ever!  And whom do we have to thank for that?  Our boy Wes who is truly growing up before our very eyes each waking minute.  Everyone said things would take a turn for the best around six weeks or so: those people lied.  Okay, they didn’t lie 😉 — they just didn’t know that wouldn’t apply to our willful son.  But 12 weeks?  Oh yes, I’m convinced some real changes are happening now.

We started the Father’s Day celebrations early Saturday since it’s the only day of the week Craig is off from both school and work.  Papa opened his presents (a sweater vest from Wes, some XBox Live points from Niles) and headed down to Miami for a Disney Family Pin Event, where we met up with our dear friend Jorge and thankfully picked up some cheap trader pins for our upcoming trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.  Wes was such a super-star that someone actually told us, with a straight face, that our son was so “good.”  Good.  As in well behaved.  Our son!

He was, in fact, so “good” that we were able to for the first real time eat out in public — and did so without incident.  Hallelujah!

And Sunday was just as nice.  We strolled around the mall, did a little shopping, got a bite to eat, went to Mimi’s (Grandma’s) and slept the whole visit through.  Late in the day we survived the entirety of bath time without a single tear (when there’s always a few at the time to get out) and went to sleep “like a baby” without the usual battle.

How lovely that this 180 happened over Father’s Day weekend — no doubt my boy is slowly but surely growing up (only big boys “wear” ties), and people now say looking more like his Papa every day.   Today outside I’d swear I heard him laugh at the bubbles I blew, and did I maybe spy his eyes turning Papa-green?


6 thoughts on “Papa’s Weekend

  1. Yes. Those eyes are getting lighter. Sofi ended up having light brown eyes. Her eyes were dark for a long time until they started to change towards light brown. Maybe Hazel-like Babies with light eyes are beautiful. Remember, they will be more sensitive to light. See if he will wear baby sunglasses! I see you are using a hat which is great. There is one thing in common between you, Craig, Wes, Sofia and I, we have fair skin! Aaron is toasted. He doesn’t count.

  2. Wes is such a beautiful baby!

    Now, more than ever, I think Jax is relatively equal with Wes developmentally, which I guess makes sense seeing that they shared an EDD! Jax has become MUCH happier as of late and made our lives a million times easier! I am not sure if it’s just his reflux clearing up or what, but our lives have definitely changed for the better!

  3. Yay! He’s turning that corner! I told you that 3 months would mark that change. It only gets better from now on… (until teething, of course; I won’t lie).

    I LOVE the father-son fashion statement! So adorable!

  4. Caroline: When are you starting a blog?? I need to keep up with the B family at all times! I’ll keep you posted on the development of Wes’ eye color: not that it matters, but I just want to know, lol!

    Becca: I read the other day about Jax’s percentiles, etc. Amazing! In the latest photos, he’s looking a lot like his papa, no? Or is it just me?

    Sarah: I wish Craig had such fashionable socks! They were a gift from friends of his though, and we have them in 5 or 6 colors. I love them so. Gotta find time to call you so we can talk for real!

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