Currently Coveting…

An aden+anais muslin sleeping bag:


1. the elephant one I like is currently out of stock

2. I can’t seem to find a sizing chart (waiting on a response e-mail from aden+anais) and

3. Wes is already at the maximum length for his current Halo sleepsack…probably should just run out to the store to pick a Medium up rather than wait for one in mail, no?


6 thoughts on “Currently Coveting…

  1. We love our a+a muslin wraps! They were a gift from my great friend Sarah (of finn’s garden), and we use those over all other blankets.

    Ariana — I’m guessing it won’t be too much longer before Wes gets too mobile for the sleep sacks, too, but he’s too long for footed pj’s! Maybe later on I’ll feel more comfortable with a loose blanket, but it’s too scary a thought still.

  2. I have that exact sleeping bag in small and the size on the tag says for months 0-6, 10-18lbs.

    Our little peanut is still a newborn, but at 21 inches, there’s almost a good extra foot of sleeping bag extra for him to grow into.

    Hope that helps!

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