Month Three Newsletter

Dear Wesley:

You will notice there are no newsletters for months 1 & 2.  This is due to two things:

One is that halfway through my draft of Month One Newsletter I broke down uncontrollably crying.  It was probably too soon, you see, what with all the crazy hormones still in me and your inability to sleep more than 2 hours at a time.  Good thing we’re in a better place now.

Two is that I started thinking the monthly letter thing a bit cliche.  But here’s the thing — you have a mama who blogs, and these letters, well, they’re part of the gig. And besides, already — already! — I have begun to forget: what was my 2-week Wesley like?  My 5-week Wesley?

One week you’re this crazy baby who cries the second we walk in a store, and the next you’re a baby who’s smiling at strangers.  And then even as I write about your new calm ways, as I blog about your much-improved naps, you go and give your mama some of the worst nights ever so far, I think now to remind me who’s the boss.

By our unofficial measurements, this month you are 26″ tall, and yet again outgrowing clothing, this time your sleep sack.  You’ve evened out a little weight-wise, 15 lbs. this month, which is only annoying because you’re still in range for 3-6 mos. clothing for weight but at the maximum for height.  Are we destined never to see you in delicious footed pjs again?

This past month marked the days your hands became your treasure.  Day in, day out, you work so diligently at getting your right hand in your mouth.  Now, bringing your fist over your forehead is your self-soothe move of choice.  Maybe next you’ll work on grabbing skills?

At night, I watch you on the video monitor diving after your pacifier so desperately, it is like watching Ewan MacGregor in that toilet scene in Trainspotting.  In other words, you are a junky my love, and I’m convinced that if your little 3-month body soon rolls back to front it will be solely in pursuit of the darn thing.

Sadly at 3 months your head continues to be riddled with such craptastic cradle cap that I’ve become obsessed with constantly brush brushing it away.  This is only okay because sometimes at night, before I go to bed, I take a long whiff of that brush, it smells so WeFo-like.  Which is to say it smells like heaven.

That is a smell to remember,  along with all your days.

Forever and ever,

Your Mama


8 thoughts on “Month Three Newsletter

  1. Congrats, Wes!! You’ve totally caught up to NEddy who is only 26.5″ tall and weighs 14lbs, 5oz! And he’s older, too – whatever you’re feeding him, Lou – it’s working!! And btw – footed pjs came in 6-9months 🙂

  2. three months already?!?!
    where does the time go?!? seems like you were just announcing this little guy’s impending arrival!!
    thank you for sharing your letters to wes! 🙂

  3. We’ve got us a little chunker for sure Donna, LOL.

    Oh, my worry about the 6-9 pjs is that they’ll be too big up top and too wide, no?

  4. They’re a little big and wide but it’s okay – let me know if you want me to send you the ones that Neddy grew out of!

    On a side note, I am SO jealous that you got the skip hop mats in the blue/gold – they have been sold out every time we go into the store!!

  5. Three months already! Welcome out of the fourth trimester Wes and into the beginning of waking up to the world. So many exciting things await you there. And how fast you are growing! Almost as big as your virtual friend Jasper who has 7 months but not many pounds on you 🙂

  6. I found the mat at a Buy Buy Baby Donna. I don’t know if you have one of those in your neck of the woods.

    Stef — thanks for saying so!

    And Ariana: I’m so excited about the fun things to come. I’m NOT excited about the apparent teething that has begun, LOL.

  7. Happy three months, Wes! You’re so handsome — and so big; soon you’ll be big enough to play with your friend Finn, who is eagerly (and not always patiently) awaiting those future play-dates…

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