In Focus

We’re back from Disney, and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it, but we’re just so knackered + I still need to get around to developing our photos.

In the meantime let me just say that I totally heart Canon.  About 10 minutes after we returned home yesterday, Fed Ex arrived with my newly repaired 50mm lens.

I have to thank Ariana for blogging about the issues she’d had with her “nifty-fifty.”  It convinced me to send mine in, too.  I’d been having a lot of focusing issues with mine, but I just kept thinking operator error.  Then I just about had it after the third or fourth time returning to my computer to find only 2 pictures out of hundreds were in focus, no matter how diligent I’d been in my choosing a clear focusing point.  I just wanted to cry.

So I felt pretty vindicated when my lens returned yesterday with a repair form that read “It was found that the adjustment of the lens assembly was incorrect; the focus did not operate properly.  Electrical adjustments were carried out on the lens assembly.  Other inspections and cleanings were carried out.”

I am especially thankful to Canon because since the lens had been a gift I lacked a receipt.  They generously accepted the warranty form that was included with the lens in box as proof, even though it was not dated.  And they worked fast: I sent in my lens on 6/29 and received it back on 7/6!

Anyway, here’s proof that the lens now seems to be in real working order:

(you can view the photo larger here)

It’s not a perfect photo — there are some issues with noise and the like, and I had to “up” the brightness and exposure because it was a bit dark in the house when I took the shot — but you can see that the eyes are in pretty sharp focus.  Heck, you can even see tiny little flecks of dry skin.  Success at last!


5 thoughts on “In Focus

  1. Yes! I felt totally vindicated as well – it wasn’t all in my head. Well vindicated and annoyed that I have so many out of focus but otherwise adorable pictures of teeny tiny Jasper 😦

    Their customer service is outstanding. Now if they could just improve their quality control to similar standards..

  2. Great photo — look at how blue Wes’s eyes look! Your post put me over the teetering edge I’ve been on in deciding whether or not to fork out the cash for a hoity–toity camera rather than my canon elf point-and-shoot (we’re lazy that way). Seems like it’s worth the investment. My pics just NEVER look so clear and detailed. Perhaps I’ll chat with you more first about what exactly to get…

  3. We have to catch up on everything else anyway Sarah! Let me try to find some time this week for a phone call.

    By the way, we’re surprised that Wes’ eyes are STILL blue. We kinda thought they would go in a different direction (Craig thought brown, I thought green). I guess there is still time….But they are not as blue as Finn’s, that’s for sure. I think they look bluer in this photo than in real life.

    Oh and Ariana: I agree! After I typed about my love for Canon I though, “wait! They should have better quality control!” LOL.

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