4th at Disney

Bah!  I can’t believe I didn’t get a single photograph of my son on 4th of July, you know, all decked out in red, white and blue.  But we were off to a rocky start when he puked all over his blue & white striped outfit.  And anyway, the man child spent most of the day in his stroller since thanks to its hood, it was the coolest place to be.  As usual, it was pretty much hell in Florida, temperature-speaking.   Only nice thing about the day was the crowds seemed to stay away in fear, at least while we were there.  We were back in our hotel room by Wes’ bedtime (if not earlier) so truth be told, we didn’t even watch any fireworks.  We did hear them: does that count?

Nevertheless, we managed to have quite a lovely time.  We darted to see the Hall of Presidents show as soon as we walked through the gates.  Thankfully there were barely any people there, so Craig was able to see the show with me while he held Wes.  There was a little bit of fussing, but they just stood to one side and all was well.  We got to enjoy the new Morgan Freeman-narrated intro movie (does that man narrate everything?) and the new Obama Animatronic.  It was a really nice treat on the 4th:

Other than that we just watched a bit of the afternoon parade, walked around the lands and did a little pin trading.  The weekend is already kinda a blur, but I think we even hopped on a bus over to Epcot and took a trip around World Showcase.  Or was it Hollywood Studios that day?  I honestly cannot remember.  Wherever we were, I do remember being cooked, so off we were for dinner back at the hotel, nice cool showers and sleep.

The very next morning, we heard from a friend about the monorail accident (somewhere between Epcot and the Ticket & Transportation Center) that had taken place earlier that night.  What a terribly sad thing to happen at what should be the happiest place on Earth.


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