Yes to the Sí

One of the nice things about staying at a Disney hotel is that you can take advantage of Disney’s transportation system, be it boat, bus, etc., to travel between hotel and park or park and park and the like.

One of the not-so-nice things about traveling on a Disney bus is carting your big-ass stroller around in said bus.  Or halting the line of people behind you waiting to get on the bus while you sort out the folding and what-not of your ridiculously large stroller.

When we traveled to Orlando back in May, we took along with us our beloved Peg-Perego Skate stroller.  I don’t want y’all to think that we don’t love that stroller, because we do.  It can take our infant car seat or allow us to lay WeFo down in its bassinet, like we did here:

Instead of having a basket underneath it has a net with elastic loops that expands to hold things of varied shapes and sizes.  The baby can face out or face you.  The bassinet becomes a full child seat.  The seat/bassinet can be moved up or down.   So can the handle.  The thing turns on a dime.  In other words, it’s styling and profiling.

It’s also ginormous, heavy, two-pieced (chassis and bassinet) and altogether requires an engineering degree to fold/unfold.  Which is another way of saying that I am completely incapable of taking it out on my own or otherwise helping to carry it when out and about.

So as I am sure you can imagine, my husband became quite fussy after having to haul the darn thing by himself throughout that whole trip and being the only one capable of assembly/dis-assembly:

Let’s just say that on the last day of that trip, we drove ourselves to the park just to avoid the bus/stroller collision.  And we pretty much decided right there and then that we’d be needing a more portable stroller the next time around.

Which is when the came in:

(how cute are those little legs and socks poking out?)

After three days on the road with it, we are happy to proclaim our love for it, minus one or two detracting bits.  It is, unfortunately, ridiculously expensive for an umbrella stroller, but we chose it mainly because it remains compatible with our infant car seat.  It’s also super easy to fold (one handle, one pull) and unfold (one button) and relatively light-weight.  It stands on its own, folded in a pretty slim configuration at that.  When the seat is not completely reclined, the hood pretty much ratchets entirely over the seat, providing some serious sun coverage (it also comes with a rain cover).  And there is the reclining itself, to two positions.  We’re still getting used to not having WeFo facing us — truth be told, we kinda hate it, but I don’t know: are there umbrella strollers with this option?

The Sí is also sturdy enough that a diaper bag can hang from the handles (which can also be moved up or down), but the added weight in the back does result in the front wheels wobbling quite a bit.  The given cup holder was a bit odd (it holds a plastic water bottle for instance but not a medium soda), so we switched it out with our Skate’s.  And we were pleasantly surprised with the basket.  I’d thought it wouldn’t be easy to get to or hold much, but neither were true.  In the photo above it’s pretty empty, but it managed to hold two of our full pin trading bags at one point and our Bjorn (though it won’t properly fold with all that crap inside it).

All in all, a solid purchase: in fact, if we had it to do over again, we’d go with just the Sí from the start.  Then again, the Sí wasn’t out back in the day.

An ever better purchase were the portable foam fans Craig purchased at Walgreen’s and attached to the stroller to create some flow for baby Wes (you can see one in the photo above).  I am not exaggerating when I say that we spent all three days of our trip fielding comments about those fans.  In fact, at one point I started to worry that women would offer themselves to Craig purely for his fan brilliance.  I also became concerned about the fans being jacked while parked at stroller parking.  I am happy to report I was wrong on both counts :).


5 thoughts on “Yes to the Sí

  1. That is a way cool stroller. 🙂 I ended up getting a Phil and Ted Sport stroller when we had a 2nd child. It rocks too. It’s a tandem design. If I had a dollar for the comments and compliments it gets…well, it’d pay for the stroller. 😉

  2. We have a really similar stroller, and the exact same troubles! Never want to bring it in our tiny car, which takes up a full seat (frame) AND the trunk (seat), so we’re always using the sling and then dying of exertion. I’ve considered an umbrella stroller — good to know you’re happy with the decision!

  3. It’s really a shame about the Skate because I do so love it otherwise, but you’re so right Tara. Schlepping it around in the car is a hassle, too (since I drive a tiny Golf).

    Melissa: I never got to see a Phil & Ted in person. I guess they just don’t sell too many of them in the stores in my area. But I always hear awesome things about them online.

  4. Know this is an older post, but I have a question for ya. =) I am looking at Eurollers and need some advice… I am assuming that you looked at the Kooper by Joovy, and I was wondering if there were other reasons besides car seat compatibility that led you to the Si. I realize it weighs 6 pounds less, stands upright when folded, and includes the cup holder and rain shield. LoL My question was, “Is it worth the extra 65 bucks?” LoL But after writing all the pros, I may have answered my own question. =P The only other thing that would interest me is the weight limit for each of the strollers. I am looking this up as we speak and shaking my head. lol The weight limit of the Si is 45 lbs. which is the average weight of a 5 year-old by my research and for the Kooper, the weight limit is 50 lbs. (5 pounds doesn’t seem like much…) BUT 50 lbs. is the average weight of a 7 year-old!!! I’ll never say never, but I pray to God that I am not carting around my healthy, 7 year-old son in a stroller. On that note, any runner-ups?

  5. Just saw this comment Kathy! I’ll email you my response, too, just in case.

    You know, I know that I looked on Joovy’s website, but I never saw the Kooper in person. I’m wondering what it was about it (or the Si) that drew me more in the direction of the Si. I THINK (but I’m not positive) that it was the fact that it took our car seat. Craig wants to get as much out of that seat as possible, and we’ve gotten used to the convenience of just being able to snap the seat into our stroller.

    It seems that the Kooper has cup holders, too, so that should not be an issue…I also prefer single wheels to double wheels, but the Kooper is single-wheeled also.

    I do LOVE that the Si stands upright though, that’s for sure. It helps in our small apartment. It’s really easy for me to carry, too. I think the selling point was really that I could fold it so easily. Craig said that was a must, LOL. But again, I never tried folding/unfolding the Kooper. Does the Si weigh less?

    One last thing that’s nice about the Si is that the handles are adjustable. But I don’t know if that’s a concern for you or not.

    The Si is ridiculously expensive though. I mean, it’s shameful the money we’ve spent on baby goods. Good thing we’re only doing this once!

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