Mat of Many Colors

You’ve seen the fun photos of Wes in his Fisher-Price Precious Planet jumperoo, which he thinks is all the rage, but the same is just not true for our Precious Planet playmat.  Any hanging toys that may hold Wesley’s attention we have added after-market.  He just doesn’t seem that interested in its toys, and we even had to remove the star mirror toy altogether.  Fisher-Price replaced it once already,  and the circular mirror still falls off (faulty glue or something it seems).

Nevertheless, with its bold colors it does make for a nice photo backdrop.  And seeing as how we live in an apartment with gross ugly carpet, the playmat does serve some basic functions.  For instance, where better for Wesley to channel his inner Zoolander? Here you can see he’s mastered one pose, at least:

And a virtuoso does need a proper place for trumpet practice 😉 :

Plus, if you sufficiently distract him while standing over it, you might get the boy to smile and even — holy smokes! — laugh:

And in these ways, the mat is a hit after all.


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