On the Cusp

Remember how Wes hated tummy time before?  Dare I say he’s willing to tolerate it now, if not for long, one more skill he’s practicing these days:

And it always comes with a nice trail of drool.  It is as if days before his 3rd monthday, someone turned on the saliva faucet and forgot to turn it off.  Outfits are always wet these days within minutes, it seems, and nothing feels as delicious as his fingers or a knuckle.

See how it drips?

Wes appears to be on the cusp of so many things, things that appear to be as equally exciting as frustrating for both him and us.  So much is being turned upside down in his life as Wes “wakes up to the world,” as they say.

The drool points first and foremost to his teething, and though his bottom gums look dreadfully white in two spots, the pediatrician believes they are just getting ready for teething.  And this getting ready alone has brought such discomfort to our dear son that I cannot imagine — I dare not imagine — what the real thing will do.

He grows bored with sitting in his bouncer seat, desiring so much to sit up properly instead, so much more interested in looking at the world from that perspective.  But he cannot yet even truly tripod, and feels thwarted in all his attempts.  This desire not to be reclined has created problems at bathtime as well; he is too big for the bathtub’s newborn sling — almost too long for the bathtub altogether period — yet cannot figure out how to use the little hump on the bathtub floor as a seat of sorts.  When it goes right for him, bathtime is fun.  When it does not, he wails the whole way through.

But what all the changes seem to be messing with the most is sleep.  Wes is requiring all kinds of coaxing for sleep these days all of a sudden, quite the change from the little baby who when placed in his crib would turn his head to one side, bring his hand to his face to self-soothe and fall asleep all on his own.

Sometimes now he is again napping in his swing because it is the only place where he will properly nap.  Or he will only fall asleep on my lap after finishing a bottle.  And sometimes he is just plain not sleeping during the day for hours at all, this boy who required a nap after every hour of awake time. And is it not as if he were happily awake during these extended times.

The main problem in the crib, I think, is that all his attempts at turning onto his belly have failed.  He manages to get himself on his side, buries his face on the mattress, but does not know how to get all the way around — an opposing arm his nemesis.  How is he supposed to get it out from under him, I’m sure he wonders.  And after such a struggle, there is no falling asleep on your own.

So though we cannot complain about Wes’ nighttime sleep too much, these handful of days we are struggling during the day with not completely losing our minds.  Because though we know this to be one of the most exciting times in his Wes’ life — rolling!  sitting!  teeth for eating! —  it is hard to keep perspective when your child wails for hours.

If nothing else, we can take comfort in knowing, after Wes’ visit to the pediatrician yesterday, that there is nothing wrong with our child other than the fact that he’s a baby.  Welcome to his world.


3 thoughts on “On the Cusp

  1. Ah yes, the dreaded 4 month sleep regression coming a bit early perhaps? I totally sympathize, you know the hell we had with Jasper and sleep until 6 months and Ferberizing changed our lives.

    BTW, Jasper had these white dots on his gums that I thought were the beginning of teeth at around Wes’ age. Turns out they were these little white cysts that baby’s get on their gums commonly. All babies start drooling like someone switched on a faucet around 3 months and it doesn’t really stop for at least 4 more months!

  2. Thanks Ariana.

    Yeah, the pediatrician made it sound as if the white spots were “normal” of gums getting ready for teething, whatever that means, lol.

    And I started thinking the “4 month wakeful” early, too. He’s just too interested in the world these days to sleep or not be constantly entertained!

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