The Big Boy Seat

Another first for Wes from the last few days, now that he’s gained so much control over his own noggin’ and is showing such an interest in sitting, was trying out his Super Seat for realz this time.

How did he take to it?

Actually, it wasn’t so bad altogether.  But he still hasn’t shown it much love in the days since…Maybe he’s still too little for it?

I’m kinda hoping he will love it soon because truth be told, we’re running out of places for him where he’s happy.  We couldn’t expect him to be content in his Hippy Dippy bouncer seat forever, could we?


6 thoughts on “The Big Boy Seat

  1. LOL! he is so cute! Yes, that tends to happen. What was once simple to keep a baby happy ends of being not the greatest. Also, as little Wes grows he’ll be able to do more. he’s going to like his super seat as he gets older, you’ll see. He is absolutely super cute!

  2. Donna — we’ve just tried it out a couple of times now in preparation for oatmeal in a week or two…I don’t know. He looks small in it. He hangs out for a bit but doesn’t seem to love it. Maybe he will when there’s food involved!

  3. Too funny! He’ll grow to love it — and then likely get tired of it when he starts getting more mobile. As soon as Finn could sit up and scoot around on his own, he started crying when we put him in his activity bouncer. Their needs change so quickly!

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