Front to Back

A sad entry in the lists of firsts from the past few days is Wes’ first owie.  I shockingly came across this top lip bump one day as we played on the floor, and it’s only in hindsight that I’ve deduced that a certain trumpet was likely involved.  I think you can make out the injury in the video below.  I guess accidents have been in the air of late.  Our young friends Finn and Sofi recently landed on the injured list, too.

A happier development involves Wes finally rolling from his tummy onto his back.  I love too that he managed it exactly one year from the date when his parents learned they were pregnant with the little guy himself!  What a difference a year makes.

Craig was asleep when it happened, so even though Wes performed this acrobatic act several times that morning for his Mama, I was concerned that with no other witnesses, perhaps I had imagined the whole thing.    The scoundrel refused to repeat the feat for his Papa later that day, but thankfully showed off his new talent a day or two later.  So I’m not crazy after all (at least not about this).

Still, you’ll have to take our words for it.  You see, what follows is a most anti-climactic video, where you will NOT see Wes rolling in any direction but rather asserting in no uncertain terms that he is not, in fact, a performing seal.  That’s my boy!


3 thoughts on “Front to Back

  1. What a great milestone! Congrats little Wes!

    PS – if one wanted to email you…what email address should they use…feel free to answer this complex question over at my blog email: otherpiecesofme (at) gmail (dot) com.

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