Wes’ 4th monthday came and went this past Monday, and I’ve yet to write my letter or shoot the monthly photographs.  The end of summer is a particularly stressful time around the Higher Nest: Craig is in the middle of finals, I’ve got a thousand essays to grade as my own summer semester comes to an end, syllabi need to be written for the fall…oh, and did I mention that we have a baby who needs all of our time, too?

Even the weather plots against us, so much rain or just plain cloudiness everyday that there’s scarcely any natural light coming in through the sliding glass doors and window (one!) of the apartment (all facing the same direction, all only allowing the right light for taking pictures for trivial amounts of time).  I managed these two shots some time last week, barely:

Now that Wes can hold his head up, he doesn’t mind tummy time nearly as much.  Plus he loves to look at and flirt with that little scamp in the mirror.  I hope it will help him develop a healthy sense of self.  He’s already so ahead on the growth curve that I’m starting to develop a complex.

Did a rather large consumption of Twizzlers in utero result in an unusually ginormo baby?  Craig kept telling me to make him nice and big and healthy, sumo he said.  I said, no sumo, no sumo, because I know how babies come into the world, but there I was anyway delivering an almost 9 pound baby. And Wes’ latest stats? 16 lbs. 10 oz. (that’s almost a whole pound gained in less than two weeks, mind you) and 27″ long.  I’d give you an exact percentage except I can’t even read a graph that well, yet even I can see that he’s above the 95th percentile curve for height.

I guess that makes him more Yao Ming than sumo, but still!


4 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Juggling life is so much more of a challenge with even one little one — I wonder how people manage with two, three, or (omg) four! Life is also so much richer, though; look at that precious little face in the mirror! Your little Wes is perfect — and such a healthy boy! It’s ALL good.

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