The Side Eye…and Asking for a Couple of Suggestions

Even Wesley is giving me the side eye over the poor state of this blog of late.  And at the rate we’re going, this may be the only photograph of the little buddy at 4 months.  Sad, sad, sad.

But who has the time?  Round these parts it’s all been grading or studying, burping or cleaning after spit (as you can see, our battle with drool continues, and yet we have no teeth to show for it).

Wes has become particularly clingy all of a sudden, making it so that he cannot be put down for even one second without fussing or fretting.  I thought it was an issue of location — he’s outgrown his bouncer seat, for one — but you can’t put him anywhere or in anything even if it’s just to pee or grab the phone or whatever without setting off an incessant chain of whimpers.  Is this part of that whole 4 month wakeful thing?  Because I don’t think it’s that he hates, say, his floor blanket.  It’s just that he doesn’t want you to walk away from said floor blanket.  Or the super seat.  Or the high chair.  Or _______, just fill in the blank.

Actually, maybe the problem is also location.  We try putting him in the high chair when we sit for lunch and dinner to prepare him for days to come (and to keep him nearby!), but he doesn’t seem to like it.  For that matter, I’m not sure I do either (the straps in particular drive me crazy).  I’m considering exchanging it…but for what? Of course we happen to own this ridiculous table with an abnormally large lip, making it difficult for little baby legs to tuck under and close to the table, so though I’ve considered this, I think it will be problematic.  I like this one in principle too, but I think we’d encounter the same problem. I love love love the Tripp Trapp, but seeing as how it doesn’t have a tray, the problem of not being able to pull up to the table becomes even more serious.  The Svan DOES have a tray, so it might could work…but it doesn’t come in black.  And I have to read up on its safety on carpet.  And it’s a $100 more expensive!!!  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  I think we only have two weeks left to return/exchange it, so I better move quickly.  And Craig is going to kill me either way for having to disassemble the old one and pack it back up.  Oops!

Then there’s the issue, now that we can’t rely on our dear Hippy Dippy seat, of a playard.  We do have a Pack ‘n Play, but we’ve set it up in the office or we pack it up when we go over to Tio Juanqui’s/Titi Arleen’s house for babysitting services (hugs!).  And it’s not exactly large, now is it?  Wes is longer than its width and even lengthwise he still doesn’t have enough room to roll over.  Perhaps that will become less of an issue when he’s sitting up, but once he starts crawling, that thing will become obsolete anyway, me thinks.  But we do need something in the living area for when I need to attend to the dryer or make dinner.  The way I see it we have three (or four) choices.  1. The Joovy Room 2 Playard (which one of my dear friends owns).  Its square shape seems to make it a bit more practical than the traditional Pack ‘n Play; 2. a gated superyard like this one or this one, which a different dear friend owns.  But I’m not sure we have the room for it in our sad little apartment 😦 (Or do we?  Measurements are in order); Or 3. I can do as Rahima Baldwin suggests in this book and baby-proof so outstandingly that I don’t even have the need for a playard.  I like this idea, I really do.   But I also have my other son to consider, Niles the Miniature Schnauzer, whom I cannot just stash behind a cabinet lock or cover with an outlet plug.

Do you see one of these choices as superior to the other?  What to do, what to do?


7 thoughts on “The Side Eye…and Asking for a Couple of Suggestions

  1. I am so glad I got the Joovy 2. It’s nice and big and like you said, “square”. I will say that its heavy, but if you buy it from buybuy baby, (which this shipping was cheaper, or just go to the store since you have one), you will see that it’s completely practical, comes with the bag to carry it around and it should come with a fitted matress sheet for the inside. easy to wash (which is on my todo), and nothing to assemble. NOTHING! haha! They have it yellow, black, red, and i think thats it. Basic but nice and bright colors excluding the black for obvious reasons. It does cost more that the other regular brands but i’m glad i did my research and glad we purchased it. I think if you wanted to put the joovy where your coffee table/ottoman is it would be perfect…for sunlight, cartoons and you can see him. Best of luck on your shopping. High chairs was a hand me down which is the peg pereggo rocker. It can rock but i never use that part. Sofi doesn’t need to be seasick while eating. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your feedback on the Joovy! We were also thinking of putting it right underneath the A/C controls, between the kitchen and living room? Though I guess I could move the ottoman out to there and switch things around…Ugh. Our furniture is waaaay too big for our apartment. And we saw the yellow one at Baby Love, and I thought it was so cute, but Craig is not “sold” on whether it’s really that much bigger (I think it is!).

    And LOL @ the seasick thing with the high chair. I actually picked out the one we have, so I have no one to blame but myself. He just doesn’t look right in it. Of course, it may be because he’s just 4 1/2 months, but he’s a big 4 monther, and still he looks swallowed by the chair. And I can never adjust the straps right!

  3. Hey! I’ve only been to your apartment once (tear!), but I would recommend the square play yard over the gated superyard. I see that you have some friends that own the gated one and I don’t know what their experience is/was, but ours was not so good. From the moment Shawn started doing the “camo crawl” (6 months) he knocked that thing straight down. It scared him as much as it scared us as it came toppling down. Needless to say, we promptly returned the contraption fearing our little Army man would get squashed by something that is supposed to keep him safe… But that was just my personal experience with it. =) When are we getting together? lol

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a tough week! Finn didn’t get his first tooth until around 6 months, but drooled incessantly — I mean CONSTANTLY — from month 3 until perhaps month 7 or so. Now it’s on and off; yesterday he started drooling again, so that 8th tooth must be on the way.

    About the high chair, I only have my experience with the Tripp Trapp to speak of, as you know. How about something like this?

    We loved the idea of just “childproofing the house,” too, but then we realized that THAT’S too hard to do in our real lives. As you’ve seen, we are RIGHT there next to Finn when he is “out and about,” but still have TWO very safe places where we can put him when we can’t be RIGHT there: his nursery, and his “play studio,” (aka “gated superyard”?) which we never thought we’d need or use. It’s cheesy in the middle of our living room and isn’t a big enough play area for long, but the way we have it set up against the couch and with the little foam squares inside of it, it’s been safe and sturdy for months now. He’s VERY strong and hasn’t knocked it down yet. I can put him in there and get his food ready or run to the bathroom without worrying that he’s getting into something he’s not supposed to (I mean, if he has ANY access to something off-limits, it WILL BE HIS). Also, an added advantage of the ones made of separate pieces is that you can theoretically get more pieces and expand it (to put it outside, say, or after moving to that bigger house, lol).

  5. I’m crazy about your chair Sarah, and you guys have the perfect table for it, too. Sadly, the finish on our table is a hot mess, so as much as I want to be able to pull Wes up to the table, it’s probably safer to get one with a tray. I’m hoping to take Wes with me shopping this week to try some out, particularly the Svan.

    And I don’t think your super yard looks cheesy at all — I think it’s great! I wonder how it would do on carpet…Maybe it would tip over more easily, like it happened with my niece? Something to consider. The nice thing with that one is that you can go inside too. There isn’t that option with the Joovy. Really, I just need Craig to take some solid measurements, both for the playard AND the high chair before we buy another thing with which we’re not happy! (Oh, and I also agree that a perfect baby proofing job is near impossible).

  6. I go through my ups and downs about the chair. What is it about the chair that Wes hates? We also have this chair at my in-laws:

    which is great for traveling and easy to use and doesn’t take up nearly as much space. We are in the same boat as you with babyproofing…I think that I’m going to need to gate up some space though since Kuan is fearful of his beautiful LCD tv getting some new fingerprints. I need to measure our place and our condo is super small! Keep me updated with what you do!

  7. You’re right Donna — we are in the same boat in terms of space. I guess we’re more concerned with the high chair now since we still have a few months before the babyproofing issue becomes a REAL issue, but still. I’m awful with measurements, so I really need Craig to do it. He’s a pro.

    As to the Polly…I think I have two beefs with it personally. 1. is that Wes seems swallowed by the chair, and as you know, he is by no means a small baby! I understand that many people don’t use a high chair until 6 months, but this chair reclines and is meant for younger babies if starting solids at 4 months, and still he’s all wobbly in it. Something about the way the back and seat meet makes it, I think, so that he can’t sit properly in it. His feet reach the footrest, so in theory, it’s not that he’s too small for it. There’s just something about it…and 2. I hate the straps. They are impossible to adjust, don’t you think? The harness is one big loop, so you can’t just adjust one strap around the waist or another coming from the shoulder separately until you get them right. You have to adjust it in one direction and hope to get it right. Except we never do, LOL. Is that one of the downs for you?

    We just bit the bullet and bought the Svan chair and are now making double-sure the measurements will work well with our table before assembling it. But I actually put Wes in it at the store to test drive it, and he looked perfect in it, even though he doesn’t sit up unassisted yet! None of the same tilting to the side issues that we’re having now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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