4 Month Photos, of a Sort

These are the pictures that almost didn’t happen, seeing as how Wes is barely 4 months anymore! But I didn’t want to look back and regret not having something commemorating that month of his life. And technically, he’s not 5 months yet, is he?

I think I’ll be pushing the 5 month photo shoot by a couple of weeks, and then trying to get back on track somehow, so that there’s some room for comparison between the monthly photographs.

Sadly, there isn’t much to show for the endeavor, for about a million reasons. I think Wes smiled, oh, maybe twice the whole time? And those pictures are either too dark or out of focus. Mainly I just got a lot of this:

And I’m getting really bored with all my photos: I must apologize for how monotonous they must seem. We don’t have many interesting backgrounds (or the ones we have we’ve already abused). And I’ve run out of ideas/new perspectives. For one there just isn’t too much room to play with in the bedroom where I take the shots (because it has the best natural light). I’m hoping once Wes can sit up unassisted, we’ll get more interesting shots.

I wish we’d found one solid spot where we could have taken the same photograph month after month, like Nicole Balch of Pink Loves Brown did. Of course, I don’t have anything as lovely as her Eames rocker or a home nearly as charming.

Next month, I am determined to 1. use Craig as a baby wrangler to get at least one decent smiley photograph of my son, 2. take Wes outdoors for a change of venue and 3. be absolutely sure to get a full body shot: otherwise we completely miss out on the point of seeing his growth!

Nevertheless, serious face or pouty face, my Wesito still looks delicious, no? I especially love how now that his hair has gotten longer, it looks all fluffy — like a little chick’s — at the very tippy top of his head!


3 thoughts on “4 Month Photos, of a Sort

  1. Pshaw, these photos are gorgeous! Seriously, 1000 x better than the ones I was taking when Jasper was 4 months. Sadly, the photographing only temporarily gets easier.. yes when they can sit up it’s fun, but then you have to worry about them toppling over. And then they start to crawl and then walk away. Ultimately you end up where I am now which is that Jasper starts running to grab my camera every time I try to take his picture! Argh. Immobility was much better 🙂

  2. Your photos are absolute perfection. No reason to grow bored with the “styling” because you highlight the most important thing — his wonderfully varied facial expressions.

    (And I know how you feel about “pushing back” that 4-month date…. I missed my 4-month baby letter altogether, and got my husband to write the 5-month. Just wasn’t feeling the inspiration. But my effort only lasted THREE MONTHS. So sad.)

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