Them There Eyes

I already had this post in mind when just last night my friend Barbara commented, upon seeing some of Wes’ photographs, how his coloring takes after his daddy’s. Certainly he has lighter hair than mine and he has lighter eyes than mine, but what color exactly ARE his eyes? We’re still not sure!

In this latest photo his eyes are still looking kinda bluish, but maybe that’s due to the added brightness from post-processing. They don’t look blue in real life, I don’t think. But they are certainly not brown, at least not yet (though in some other recent photos they do appear darker). Craig’s eyes now are most definitely green, but goodness, Wesley’s are not green either, not exactly. The best way I can describe them is hazel-ish. Craig believes his birth certificate listed his eye color as hazel. I must remember to check with Mimi. Perhaps their green has intensified with time and so will Wes’?

But here’s a better question: how delicious is my son’s fat bottom lip?


7 thoughts on “Them There Eyes

  1. His eyes are beautiful! and my, is he getting handsome or what?? Jax’s were pretty much black in the beginning and have become a bright blue. Crazy that his seem to be two colors at once…who knows how they’ll end up!

  2. I want to kiss those little lips! Wes is looking so gorgeous!
    The pictures are great, Lou. They’re reminding me that I need to buy that nice camera SOON! Finn’s birthday is coming up…
    How’s the sleeping lately?

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