Teething Blows

These have been some rough days at the Higher Nest. For the past four days Wes has been super cranky and extra extra clingy. I’ll even go as far as saying that these have been some of the most challenging dates together to date.

This morning started out a little better, and he was gracious enough to enjoy being somewhere other than his parents’ arms or laps for more than just a ridiculous amount of time:

Still, I can tell he’s not himself. I’m not sure what to blame it on other than teething. Though he seemed a bit less crabby today, he spent a good chunk of time just laying against me with his head on my lap, sucking away at his paci, looking tired. I keep taking his temperature: no fever. But there’s a whole lot of cheek scratching and ear pulling, along with some voracious chewing and drooling:

So what else could it be? Craig’s first two teeth erupted when he was 5 and half months old (thank you trusty baby book!), and supposedly, teething follows a hereditary pattern, which makes this prime time for Wes’. But the gums themselves don’t look any more pink or purple, and I am not feeling anything on them out of the ordinary. So frustrating! I think a little Tylenol went a long way today, but I hate drugging him up without even really knowing what the matter is. I just hate seeing my little chunker so sad!


9 thoughts on “Teething Blows

  1. My sons teeth seemed to take forever to pop out. You seem to be doing everything you can so keep up the good work! I put a wet washcloth in the frezzer and let Chase (my son) chew on it and he LOVED it. I hope it gets better you two. I know how hard it is to see your little one uncomfortable. We are waiting for molars to pop through right now! Poor babies!

  2. Thanks for commiserating y’all. Why DOES teething so long?

    I’ve tried the washcloth and no go. Which is weird seeing as how he otherwise seems to love sucking on one during bath time…

  3. I wish teething was easier. We are dealing with it to right now along with a baby that loves to touch the keyboard so excuse to typos please 😉 Tylenol and lots of love and knowing that we went through it and lived helps me while I hold my fussy baby. We give him Pedialite frozen bars (like Otter Pops) and he loves those. But Im with you….teething sucks!

  4. I just wanted to say I feel for both you and Wes, teething is such a uncomfortable time for little one’s and there mama’s , little L is eighteen months old and last weekend was terrible b/c a big tooth at the back was coming through. She was so cranky and nothing I could do seemed to help. So not only was she in pain, I was really anxious too, which made it worse! Luckily is is through now. Hope Wes’s mouth feels more comfortable soon.

  5. Teething – the bane of my existence! Two things, motrin is tons better than tylenol (because of the anti – inflammatory properties) and ice in the mesh teether.. he may not take it yet, but keep trying, he will and it will be instant relief!

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