Month 5 Newsletter

My dearest Wesley:

Yesterday we took you to the park for the very first time to snap your 5 month pictures, and mainly we got a lot this:

and this:

And who could  blame you? Later that very same day we spied the tell-tale white little bud on your bottom gum, which brought your Mama both much relief (because it meant I wasn’t imagining things) and much sadness. How did we go from this…

…to this in less than 6 short months, what may very well be the last photograph of your almost toothless smile?

It has certainly been a monumental, albeit often trying, month. But your daddy, who is very wise, always reminds me at those frustrating times how difficult the world must sometimes seem to you. And speaking of your daddy, my goodness, do you light up like a Christmas tree when he walks in through the door! You two are undeniably, madly, unequivocally in love. All three of us are, I believe, more fiercely the next day than the one that came before.

On your very 5th monthday you mastered rolling back to tummy so expertly, you roll clear across a room now, especially when you think no one is watching. I’ve heard you make “g” sounds and “d” sounds and what was either a “th” or a “z” sound depending on whether my sometimes speaking Spanish has made an impression. You bang your fists, drop toys, pretend to cough. You did a bit of tripoding, and just four days ago showed us you could sit for longer without the need of your own arms — or ours. We sat you in your high chair, presented you with cereal and you opened up your mouth so big at the mere sight of a spoon, it was as if you had been eating food your whole short life. Since then, you’ve loved every last bite of everything we’ve offered. And in a single night, your father taught you how to drink from a straw cup. What haven’t you discovered in these past 30 days?

At the park, I held you on my lap and swung. We slid down the slide — so fast, I thought, having forgotten what sliding felt like. I skinned my elbow. I was the child again. And you were the one showing me the world: The funny sounds our throats can make. The delicious taste of winter squash. The simple joy of sucking on a straw. Everything is anew, brighter, more in color just by sharing it with you. Show me more.

All my love, forever,



6 thoughts on “Month 5 Newsletter

  1. …and the changes are going to keep speeding up! Just wait until he’s really up and mobile. You’ll be asking yourself where your baby went (in more ways than one). It’s so exciting to see the changes, but also a bit sad, for every move in one direction is a move away from how things once were. (Sigh) Such is life — and parenting: filled with so many paradoxes.
    Happy 5 months, you guys! We miss you and your little one! Can’t wait to see the little tooth.

  2. Lovely, lovely sentiments. And as usual, your photos are amazing! Seriously, last week I was looking for a pro photographer to take some baby shots. They all cost a fortune, and meanwhile I kept thinking, “NONE of these is as good as Lourdes’ photos.” So you could easily have a second career, if you’re ever in the mood! 😉

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