The Baby Sitter

(I didn’t have to hold him or prop him up at all for this one!)

It dawned on me some time last week that it was probably time to get Wes some toys to promote his sitting up more often. Plus Wes had been quite difficult to please what with his teething at all, so I was “this” close to running out one day in an act of desperation to buy some sort of activity table in the hopes of killing two birds with one stone when Craig reminded me that we have made the decision to really *try* to avoid plastic battery-operated toys if at all possible. We have not accomplished this entirely, but we’re trying to make an effort (and I still managed to break down at this weekend’s Toys R Us Fisher-Price sale and bought this phone to keep Wes from playing with our cell phones!).

Except, do you know how hard it is to find a wooden activity table? I got all excited when I saw this Ohdeedoh post — until I realized it was from March 2008 and that this Little Tikes table is nowhere to be found today. 😦

We do own this train table, purchased at Target quite some time ago because it was on sale for a ridiculously looooooooow price, but for starters it happens to be in storage at the moment, plus it would probably be better once Wes is standing (not just sitting up) and I’m not even sure we have the room for it in this apartment.

So the best I could do was this new Imaginarium Wooden Activity Triangle. And it may have just been coincidence, but on the very day I broke it out Wes started sitting up more beautifully than ever before!

It’s really meant for babies 18 months and up, but Wes seems to enjoy swatting at the tiles either way!

Silly boy though! He’s just as happy flat on the floor as he is sitting up:

If you have any recommendations for beautiful wooden toys (or softies even), please share! So far we have waiting in the wings a couple of Haba grasping toys, a Plan Toys shape sorter and their drum,  but I’m always on the lookout for others to add to our wish list.


6 thoughts on “The Baby Sitter

  1. Ooh, I like that toy! Looks very entertaining for the little ones, without being eye-bleeding for the adults….

    We’re trying to keep toys to an absolute minimum (Husband regularly looks at our baby’s 10 small toys in their container and says “We have SO MANY toys” … if he only knew how untrue that is!), but I broke down this week and ordered stacking rings and stacking cups to keep her occupied while sitting. Then again, she’s trying extra hard to crawl these days, so at playtime I usually just plop her down on her stomach and tell her to practice. 😉

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