Feed Me

At Wes’ 4th doctor’s visit our pediatricians recommended we begin solids. I wasn’t too sure about this, but went ahead and gave it a try. Wes could not have been less interested. So I put all the accoutrements away and figured Wes would be my best guide as to when to try again. I couldn’t have been more right in letting him show me the way, with this as with everything else really. A month later, on his 5th monthday exactly, I knew it was time to try again when he’d started regularly waking up near midnight every night for a 5th bottle and kept trying to take bites of my lunch turkey and gouda sandwiches!

So quietly one morning while daddy slept in I got a small bowl of brown rice cereal ready and gave this whole solids thing another whirl:

I’d say it was a successful go, no?

There seems to be a great debate about when to start solids and whether the whole thing is a pain in the ass, but I think I’m just lucky that I’ve got myself one formidable eater. Wes has devoured every little thing I’ve offered, including banana, which is the only food so far to produce a real grimace at the outset. Come spoonful #2 though, he’s ready to keep on happily eating, just as with squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, apples and pears (so far). And we’ve got a couple of lovely peaches waiting in the kitchen to be pureed next. We’ve  already moved on from the brown rice to oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, and I can’t begin to explain how much I enjoy sitting together with Wes for all my meals. I love feeding him carrot puree while I myself enjoy some baby ones at lunchtime. And Craig and I finally felt comfortable enough to take Wes to a restaurant with us, keeping him happy eating as we ate with gusto, too.

About a week ago though, Wes started fussing a whole lot during mealtimes, and I began to think it was all downhill from there, our perfect meals together a thing of the past. Turns out the little guy just wants to be in on the job, so as long as I hand him a second spoon, he’s happy feeding himself (wink, wink) one spoonful for every one of mine. Actually, he’s gotten pretty good at holding the thing! He’s also gaga for the mesh feeder and the cantaloupe and frozen grapes I’ve put inside. What else can I try in it, I wonder?

So much changes so quickly. A month ago his diet consisted of solely formula and already now he’s tasted so many delicious flavors. And in two weeks alone, he even started minding his high chair toy. Of course in the end, he mainly wants to eat it!

By the way, I’m so very happy that I trusted my instinct and returned our original high chair. I never managed to get a proper photo of Wes in it, but I was able to pull one off a video (we’d been practicing having Wes sit with us at the table for some time):


Doesn’t it look like the tray is up to his neck?!

Though I hated the cost, I love the Svan a thousand times over. I love its simple belt and its foot rest; I love how I can pull Wes up to our table or use the chair with its tray. I love that when I left a bowl full of carrot puree too close to a greedy pair of hands and carrots poured all over the chair I easily wiped off the wood and threw the cushion in the washing machine. Too bad our carpet wasn’t as lucky! How dumb of me not to have laid out the perfectly good mess mat I had purchased long before. You better believe it’s there now.

Now on to find the perfect bib: the plastic ones are all too big and just get in Wes’ way, and the cloth ones are impossible to wash clean and worse soak through, especially now that Wes loves to sip some water, even as half of what he sucks up dribbles down his perfect chin…


3 thoughts on “Feed Me

  1. I know what you mean about the attempted food thievery. We knew it was time to start Elsa on solids when she, sitting in my lap at a Chinese restaurant, grabbed my chopsticks between plate and mouth and tried to eat my dumpling!

    She’s also a good eater, but mostly I find the process of preparing (and we use purchased food), feeding, and cleaning to be a pain. It IS nice to sit at the table together.

    In terms of bibs, I haven’t tried one yet but am convinced a silicone bib is the way to go. I’m eyeing a pretty one from Silikids and a more practical version from Babybjorn. But meanwhile she gets food everywhere, including the neck and shoulder area around the bib, so I hope to track down a full-front cloth bib (the old-fashioned kind with sleeves) to tie underneath!

  2. Oh, yes… the mealtimes together are so fun — especially when you’re introducing new foods like this! How great that Wesley is such an eager eater! It makes the feeding process so much more exciting, and (I think) also increases the chances that you’ll have a healthy eater in the future. The messes will only get worse, of course! It stays fun, though. It’s still great to watch Finn’s expressions when we feed him something new, or to learn about his preferences (he loves zucchini, avocado, banana, and cheese best these days, but doesn’t care much for bread products). Most fun, however, is just the silliness at the table: the three of us eating and goofing and spending time together. It’s so great that you enjoy dining with Wes. He is one cute date!

  3. Glad to hear you like the Svan, my hubs got excited about it when we saw it in a baby store this weekend, and we’re thinking of putting it on our registry. Glad to hear you’re having a good experience with it!

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