First Cousins Once Removed

Wes and I ventured out a bit yesterday to spend a couple of hours visiting my niece Kathy and great-nephew Shawn, who happen to be Wes’ cousin and first cousin once removed. That’s a mouthful! It took a little research on my part to figure out that whole cousin family tree business. Once removed per generation apparently? I’m still not sure. But one thing I AM certain of is that my sister’s grandbaby is truly sweet as pie.

(and did I mention CUTE?)

Toddlers are just the freaking best. The talk! They giggle! They throw balls in the air! They take a set of plastic keys and pretend to walk out the door, wave bye-bye and lock up behind them. They WILLINGLY sit on your lap and ask you to read them a book. Swoon.

And Shawn was just as confused about all that “removed” nonsense as I was.  Those boys were going to be as close as two peas in a pod if he was to have anything to with it.

He was all like, okay Wes, you just sit here like a nice baby and I will hold you:

And Wes was all like, lol what?

And then Shawn was all like, what the heck is wrong with this kid, this is supposed to be fun!

So yeah, Wes didn’t exactly, er, cooperate. Poor Shawny. All he wanted to do was hold the baby. But my little independent stinker wasn’t going to have a bit to do with that.


8 thoughts on “First Cousins Once Removed

  1. Bueno querida hija,Wesley es primo hermano de Katty,por ser los dos hijos de hermanos;pero Shaw es primo segundo de Wesley por que dicho parentezco es mas lejano.-Besos Princesa

  2. We loved having you two over! Sorry it took so long for me to comment on here, but I don’t turn the computer on much anymore. Shawn liked pushing the “luz” button and naturally, my computer decided it would follow his command and shut down. Most of the time it made me giggle at the look on his face when the screen went blank, but other times, the frustration of knowing it was going to happen, but not knowing when he would strike, was not worth my while. LoL Anywho, can I say…MUECA? Poor thing, he usually looks cute in pictures, “Hey, your camera played favorites!” Haha. J/k We should plan to get together soon. Call or text me and let me know. Love ya!

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