Month 7 Newsletter

My dearest Wesley:

It is hard to believe that your 7th month has nearly passed now, and you are living the second half of your first year, closer to 1 than to the little baby we brought home last March. At times it is difficult for us to remember how tiny you were then by comparison, and it is only when we look at an old photograph that we can recall how small your face was, so small your binky took up half of it, how static you’d lie in your crib, your jerky arms contained in blankets. Now you are a force to be reckoned with, waking up far from where we placed you the night before, inching your way into one tiny corner or another for comfort.

You are an expert roller, though I would not be a bit surprised if I woke up tomorrow, placed you on the floor, and found you crawling your way clear across the room. Already the other night I spied you in the crib rocking back and forth on all fours, practicing your future steps, and I worry there will be no way to contain you then, you who gets into anything and everything, always ending up in the one spot in a room I’d prefer you avoid.

You are certainly a willful boy, never hesitating to express your boredom, anger or frustration with your forceful grunts, then just as easily laughing hysterically at any silly thing I say. You love food, but you will not let us get a spoon anywhere near your mouth unless you yourself are holding it, and your poor mama is going crazy trying out new foods with you, terrified at every little gagging sound you make as  you experiment with feeding yourself waffles, breads, carrots, celery, and more. Oh how much easier things were 3 months ago when we first gave you a taste of oatmeal. And yet I know this independent streak of yours will serve you well in life, my fierce daring son, terrified of nothing and willing to give anything a go.

What a marvel it is to watch you love standing and throwing your head back, play with big toys now and not just rattles. You turn the pages of your books in between bites at them. You giggle when we fall on cue during “Ring Around the Rosie” and you smile at the finger songs your mama plays. You love to watch doggies run and hands clapping. In short, you make happy.

Yes, it’s been a lovely month. Fall came to South Florida. You got to wear long sleeves, a hat, feel the wind on your face. You were the perfect frog on Halloween. Next you’ll celebrate your first Thanksgiving, and Christmas too is just around the corner. Already your mama is thinking of what will be the perfect gift — your first truck perhaps? Always I have one eye on your future and the other longingly looking back at the past. It’s all going by too fast.

All my love, forever and ever and ever,



7 thoughts on “Month 7 Newsletter

  1. I know… they change SO unbelievably fast. The “one eye on the future and the other longingly looking back at the past” is such a heart-wrenching predicament that it makes me want to be a Tralfamadorian, you know?

    Can’t wait to see your handsome 7 month old soon — this weekend, no?

  2. Thanks everyone!

    A – I’m SO excited about your baby news. Most wonderful, wonderful news.

    S – Yes! We will see you this Saturday. I can’t wait. You won’t believe how big Wes continues to get (almost 8 months now actually — I’m always behind with these letters).

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