I took these photographs the same day as Wesley’s 7 month photo shoot, and they are probably the closest thing to fall pictures I’m going to get lacking any beautiful bed of orange red leaves in this part of the country.

In hindsight, I should have had Craig accompany me to the park down the street to run defense for me, as it was practically impossible to take a single shot without Wes working furiously on trying to stick as many wood chips, mulch and twigs as humanly possible into his mouth. Not that I mind his experimenting with the elements per se. I think he should know what wood feels like and even tastes like, but I’m not so much equipped to deal with wood chocking incidents. There is already enough to worry about in the gagging department when it comes to actual food.

I think he figured out eventually that wood isn’t really so delicious after all, not that this discovery was enough for him to put an end to the tasting:

And there it is. He is unstoppable, as I am sure all babies his age are, little babes determined to discover what their worlds hold for them and of what their little bodies are capable.

So I shouldn’t have been so surprised to wake up Wednesday morning at 1 am to a wailing baby sitting upright in his own crib. He was sitting, and it was shocking, and really I don’t think either one of us had a clue how it had happened and not even a warm bottle of milk nor kisses nor snuggles were enough to calm my child down that night, at least not until 5 am and a mama sleeping on the floor beside him.

Last week the precrawling rocking started, and now he’s spent the last two days showing us exactly how it is he manages to roll up to a sitting position on his own, which is truly a beautiful discovery. But am I ever thankful for that modern piece of machinery known as the infant swing, the only spot where since Wes has allowed any sleep, rocked rhythmically side to side in its cozy cradle.  There was a time when he we could place him on our chests and he would close his eyes and happily drift off to sleep. But he’s a big boy now, you see? Just trying to make sense of it all.


6 thoughts on “Woodsy

  1. Oh my goodness! The picture with the stick in his mouth is absolutely priceless. You could seriously win some sort of award for that!!! And we’re right there with ya with the sitting up in bed leading to inconsolable screaming! It stinks!

    • Thanks for the praise Becca, though I hardly deserve it. I am never satisfied with how my pictures look! And oh how I hope the novelty of sitting up in bed wears off soon. Perhaps it has a bit already (one of our naps today took place in the crib, miraculously).

    • We have the second one. I believe it even came with an extension (you need a long one, right?) though the door we’re using it for now doesn’t need it. I do remember that it was expensive, but it’s held up really well, opens/closes easily enough for an adult, and doesn’t have to be screwed in — that’s the best part!

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