I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Pie (Slice)

You’d think it wouldn’t take a whole week to recap Wesley’s first Thanksgiving, but this nest is a sick nest. First Craig was hit overnight with the flu and then a few days later I caught a nasty cold. Wes is miraculously NOT sick with either one of our bugs, but he IS crankily cutting two top teeth (the first one broke through the gum yesterday, and I can see the second just under the gum). It also doesn’t help that it’s near the end of the semester for both Craig and me. So to say that things have been near breaking point, stressful, hard — all descriptors would be understatements.

But alas, Thanksgiving was, in short, lovely. Continuing along with our baby-led weaning efforts, we just offered Wes a little of most everything served. Which is to say he had some of the infamous green jello always present at Craig’s mom’s festivities, bread, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, a little turkey (for which he did not show much love, my little vegetarian in the making), olives from the salad, etc. I think Wes’s great-grandmother Leah pretty much sat in utter shock throughout the entire meal slightly horrified at the things our little 8 month old put in his mouth, but what can I tell you? Our child is so over purees at this point. We’re simply offering him all his vegetables steamed or as part of other foods (spinach in scrambled eggs, pea pancakes, etc). These days, he’s crazy about blueberries especially.

Of course, naughty Mimi 😉 couldn’t resist putting a slice of pumpkin pie in front of Wes to see what he’d make of it. I can tell you that he liked it.



In other news, I asked Wes for a kiss this morning and he graced me with one! He doesn’t do any smacking, but he’ll put his mouth up to your cheek. Also, he won’t do it every time you ask, but there you have it. He actually knew what I meant when I spoke to him. Amazing.


11 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Pie (Slice)

    • I hadn’t had a chance to talk to you about that yet, but I assumed Finn was a tiny vegetarian tot. You know, Craig and I have thrown the idea out there for ourselves, but I’m not sure we could be that committed — or clever about what to eat instead. I’m sure it would make Craig’s dad very happy if we were, believe you me.

      I can’t wait to get together with you guys soon, but most certainly when I am no longer a sick mess.

    • Hi!

      Yup, yup, we sure do. I started out with just yolks at first (the whites are what are considered allergenic), but eventually moved on to the whole egg. A lot of the more recent research apparently shows that waiting until after 12 months to introduce allergenic foods is not really useful unless your family has a history of food allergies.

      (Here’s one quote: “For many years, the nutrition and allergy experts of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have given parents advice about how and when they should introduce their tots to certain foods, aiming to reduce kids’ risk of food allergies, asthma, and allergic rashes. Based on a recent review of existing research data on the subject, the AAP has issued new guidelines changing some of those currently accepted recommendations.

      The long and short of the report: Avoiding certain food allergens from the get-go has been proven to help only those babies with a high risk of food allergies (that is, those with a parent or sibling with allergies). But for everyone else, avoiding known allergens — during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and when introducing foods in the infant and toddler years — hasn’t been shown to have much effect on preventing allergies”).

      I think we’re lucky in that neither Craig nor I are allergenic to anything.

  1. So happy for you that he’s such a great eater!! Sorry you’ve been sick, I know how THAT goes. Maybe if I’d been less paranoid about choking and more of a BLW person Jasper would have a healthier relationship with food.. hmmmm.

    • Aw Ariana, I doubt it. I’m sure you’ve done anything and everything possible. I’m guessing it’s just the luck of the draw with these things. I understand his eating is a big concern to you, but from here he looks like a happy and healthy boy!

  2. SO cute! Love that his bib matches the high chair. 🙂 And may I say I am sooo jealous that Wes is over purees, as I am thinking Jax might be on strictly purees until college and beyond at this point. He pretty much hates all table foods!

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