It seems the more I crave a rhythm to our days, the more it eludes me.

There is no time to blog. There is barely time to make a decent meal. There are presents to be wrapped still — presents still to buy. Loads of laundry await me. Wes is closer to 9 months than to 8, and I’ve yet to photograph him at this time. The end of the academic semester is a cruel, cruel time. Too many papers to grade and already much to prepare for the semester ahead. Craig is weeks away from beginning his teaching internship. I will be teaching most of my classes on campus next spring, unlike in past semesters where I had the luxury of teaching a heavy load of classes from home. All while take turns keeping Wes at home with us. It is, perhaps, too much. We are barely hanging on.

This morning as I took Niles and Wes out for our morning walk, I ran into a mama clutching her 5 day old baby while chasing after her leash-less pug Lucy. I dutifully collected Lucy’s poo off the grass; it was the least I could do. The mama looked at me in sheer terror and asked: “when does it get easier?” I wanted to be supportive, but couldn’t think of how to honestly answer. It is hard with a 5 day old baby, and it is hard with an almost 9 month old teething baby who is in pain and refusing to nap.

It’s how you end up with a much too awake baby after a failed barely 30 minute nap, still wearing pajamas, raucously playing the tambourine entirely too early in the morning.

I hope things are calmer on your end.

Much love,



6 thoughts on “Rhythmless

  1. Oh, dear, I feel your pain. Like you, I want to share words of advice or encouragement, but am not sure what to say. The truth is that being a working mother is HARD. H-A-R-D. Still — if anyone can master it, you can. I’ve seen you at work and seen you in action as a mother; you’re pretty amazing, Lou.

  2. Dear 2009, you have brought me financial angst, lack of sleep, disorganization galore BUT you have also brought me love that I never knew existed and the cutest pictures that warm my heart. Dear Lou, I think that you feel every inch of this. At the end of it all, we have our dear boys (baby + hubby).

  3. Hmm, I don’t know.. I THINK it gets easier as they get older. Yes, toddlers are Mischief with a capital M but they also can tell you what’s wrong a lot more.. so Jasper actually points to his mouth and hits it and says “teeth” if he’s teething, or says “more” or “eat” instead of just BAWLING. That alone makes things much easier! Did I just give you a little hope? I hope so!

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