8 Month Newsletter

My dearest Wesley Fox:

Boy, your mama is really pushing it this time. This was literally the last day I could get away with posting this letter, seeing as how as of tomorrow you’ll be 9 months old. But I couldn’t let time get away from me without celebrating your 8th monthness.

The time of day wasn’t right, the camera settings weren’t right, but it’s somehow appropriate that these photos of you at this time were taken in your bright little car. You’re really going places now little sunshine, though truth be told you’d rather be exploring on your own than be strapped into a vehicle. You took off this last month, first army crawling then doing the real thing. And more than that, you want to stand on your own two feet, pulling up on anything — or anyone. In the last few days, the little space of living room we’d sectioned off for you is simply no longer enough. You want to go everywhere after Niles, into the bathroom, into the perilous office full of nasty cords, computers and other gadgets. We’ve got some serious baby-proofing to do.

This month, your feistiness has really shone through.  Perhaps it’s a bit of personality; perhaps it’s those nasty top three teeth gnawing their way out of your gums. You’re making diaper changes impossible and preferences for food, people, toys quite clear. You’d eat blueberries morning, day and night if we would let you. You continue to wake up at least once at night, demanding milk perhaps, a paci, or sometimes just a cuddle. And you’re a chatty one, you are. One morning this past month, I swore I heard you ask for “agua” (water) — then your father heard the same at lunch. But you haven’t said it since. Does it count as your first word? Today I was almost certain I heard you repeat “go, go, go” after your Nana said it. I think I may just want to hear you speak so bad I am imagining these amazing vocal abilities. Even so, your gibberish alone, your squeals are delightful.

You went to Disney (again), got your first haircut (guerrilla-style, with you sitting on my lap, Craig’s barber at your head for a second in between cutting your dad’s hair, me in a little bit of shock not sure that it was happening), took big boy baths without the need for any infant bathtubs, met Santa twice without shedding any tears, celebrated your first Christmas for three days in a row surrounded by all your amazing friends and family whose incredible love for you seems to rival my own. The Florida winter and the holidays with you are sweeter than they’ve ever been.

It was a stressful and hard month on your daddy and me little love, but our little family complete now with you in it is– now and always, holidays and everydays, in every season and in every month — our number one priority. Our love cup runneth over.

All my love, forever and ever,

your Mama


2 thoughts on “8 Month Newsletter

  1. I LOVE this post. You are fabulous, and your son is adorable. I am glad you all had a very merry christmas. I have the baby bug SO bad and can’t wait to join you in your baby bliss. 🙂

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