Christmas Riches

What a lovely first Christmas we shared with Wes. The festivities really went on for quite some time there, starting a week ago over a playdate with our friend Finn, sharing gifts and company with part of my family who would be out of town on Christmas day, Christmas eve at Mimi’s, Christmas morning with mama and papa, Christmas afternoon with Abuela, Titi Lucy and Uncle Manny, day after Christmas with Uncle Tony and Nana and on and on. And we still haven’t even gotten around to meeting up with other friends and family!

Our first little Christmas as a family of three was a delight, even if things didn’t exactly turn out the way I’d planned: the Hanna Anderrson pjs I wanted Wes to wear on Christmas morning were out of stock, I never got around to baking a loaf of bread like I’d wanted to, Wes woke up way too early and was unwilling to go back to bed. Still we took joy in opening our presents and in sharing a batch of blueberry pancakes.

As usual, I wish I had more photos of our quiet Christmas morning to share with y’all, but it’s hard to be “in the moment” and snap good shots at the same time. But we did manage to capture Wesley opening his first gift on Christmas morning, a beautiful rainbow glockenspiel Tia Cristina sent his way:

I love that one of the first things Wes did was bring the mallet up to his nose so he could take in that lovely smell of wood:

Then he did the same with the wee wooden mug he found inside his stocking. Just another reason for loving wood toys.

Mostly, he really enjoyed tearing pieces of wrapping and tissue paper into tiny bits he then tried to sneak into his mouth. But I know he’ll enjoy every single gift he received. To be truthful, it’s a bit embarrassing, the sheer number of them. Everyone loves Wesley so, it’s hard to contain the gift-giving. Such lovely things too, like Gyo Fujikawa books to add to our library and many others, CDs for our music collection (along with a new concertina and the aforementioned glockenspiel), a new wooden pull toy (so adorable), a little grocery bag perfect for car travel time, a new bath toy, toy keys, balls, Legos, well, you name it. One of Wesley’s new favorites is his pop-up toy. He finds the little poppits to be formidable teethers!

Mama and daddy’s special delivery was a new walker wagon, but the verdict is still out on this one. I’m kinda regretting not splurging on one of the Haba ones…But I read the few reviews on this one and felt confident it would not have tipping issues, which of course it has. Nevertheless, so long as we offer a helping (holding down) hand, Wes happily conquers pulling up on the bar, and I’m sure in the months to come he’ll feel more confident walking behind it.

Santa also left him a baby silk perfect for playing peek-a-boo and his first little car. Altogether, too many riches really. My hope is to set up a toy rotation and organization system where Wes’ toys are housed in a low shelf, Montessori style. As soon as his swing makes its way out of this house, there will be space in his room for something like this, though hopefully much cheaper. Craig would make one if we’d only have the time or room for that kind of project.

In the meantime, some toys will happily await their formal debuts while poppits and xylophones are loved and enjoyed, properly, as they should be.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Riches

  1. Love the toY. JAJA. Wes is so cute and adorable. Sorry we couldn’t be there to hold him and kiss him. I am missing him very very much. Kisses to all you 3.

  2. I’m so glad he likes his Pop-up toy! I have his b-day present already, so if you see it missing from his list, don’t fret! Love you guys. Maybe we can get together soon? Let me know!

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