First Day

Today is the first day of Craig’s teaching internship — and the first day of a whole new schedule for us, in some ways, a more consistent one. In the past, Craig’s daily schedule fluctuated. Some days he’d be at school in the mornings, others in the afternoon, and in between he worked his part-time job. Now, all winter/spring, he’ll be gone Monday through Friday all day until late in the afternoon, coming back just as I must dart out the door for my job. I’ll be honest: I’m a bit scared of these hectic days ahead of us, but it is what it is, no? Best to keep our chins up.

With much luck, Craig will be teaching full-time come August and our pockets will be a little richer for it. And if we can just hold out for another year or two, Wes will reach an age when we are comfortable sending him to pre-school: and be able to afford it, too. We’re even planning on attending an open house this weekend at a local Montessori school. I’m hoping we love it there, and can add it to our list of possibilities for Wesley’s future education.

In the meantime, Wes and I will be trying to settle into a routine. I’m happy to report that our first morning went beautifully (the headache with which I woke up was kind enough to disappear quickly). We frolicked on the floor, folded some laundry, enjoyed breakfast together. We even managed to put together a lovely lunch box for Craig’s first day of school:

Not as colorful and bright as I would have liked, but not bad for a first try. I’m not yet in the know as to what grade Craig is teaching, but if the kids catch a glance at his lunch, I hope they’ll get a kick out of his dino PB&J sammies. I wanted to send some fruit too, but all we had on hand were cherries, for which Craig does not really care. Wesley and I will be making a Whole Foods fruit run this week for sure!

Much love to all of you this first working week of the new year. May it be kind to all of us.


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