Thank you for all your comments on my last post. I’m glad you all loved the book sling as much as I did!

I know blog posts are few and far between these days friends: our crazy schedules hardly allow them, and photos are scarce. Now that Wesley is literally always on the go, he rushes me the second he sees camera in hand. Snapping this one mostly in focus was a miracle, but there you have it, chopped limb and all.

Back at work, the weeks seem to last an incredibly long time, but Wes appears to be on his own fast-forward schedule. His crawling has reached top speeds Just a few days ago or so he demonstrated for us his new capacity to cruise from one end of the sofa to the other. Now it looks like he’s ready to cut tooth #6, his right lateral incisor. That would bring the total to four top teeth in less than two months (and the two bottom ones he cut almost 5 months ago). The ear rubbing had become so severe of late, we ran him over to the pediatrician to eliminate the possibility of an ear infection. Nope; just teeth to blame. Teething is truly most cruel.

But he’s putting them to good use. Too good perhaps? He’s basically on a toddler’s eating schedule at just shy of ten months. Three main meals a day, with snacks too a part of our regularly scheduled programming. Turns out another trait Wesley inherited from his mama is a rush to irritability due to missed meals. He seems healthy enough to me, and the pediatrician didn’t say otherwise, but a tiny part of me wonders if it’s okay that he’s weighing 22 and half pounds at his age, especially since he really hasn’t gotten any taller in months (and I once thought we had a string bean on our hands!). I wasn’t prepared to ask the right questions at that last appointment, too worried at the time he may have been sick. But we’re due back within the week for his actual 9 month checkup, and I’ll be armed with questions then!

In the days in between, I’m just happy taking him to the little indoor playground (for lack of a better term) of which we are now members, receiving his open-mouthed kisses, watching him finally make sense of how his toys are supposed to operate. I’m trying to find the time at night to work on his year one video with hopes to finish it in time for his birthday (can it be that my son’s first birthday is only two months away?!) while also trying to make a final decision as to what to do for that big day. There are minutes here and there for everything else that is not Craig, Wes or work. But I love spending some of them here with all of you. Warmest wishes,



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