Dear Mama,

I regret to inform you that Daddy and I hijacked your blog. It was mostly my idea; you see I am the brains of the operation, but I need him for the muscle.

Today Daddy and I noticed how sad you were when you realized you had not been able to take my nine month pictures in time because you were so busy taking care of me while Daddy was at school. Well, as anyone can tell you, behind every good baby blog is one hell of a baby! (I am that baby just in case that one went over your head)

Tonight, I convinced Daddy that you do so much for this family that I could not stand to see you so sad. Let me tell you, you definitely married daddy for his devastatingly handsome good looks, because it took me forever to explain to him that we could take 9 month picture before bath time. I must warn you mother, daddy is no Ansel Adams but he loves you with all his heart, as do I. Please accept this 9 month picture of me taken by that dunder head of a photograp…I mean Daddy. We both grant you an extension on taking 9 month pictures and I am sure all those awesome Mommy readers out there won’t mind either.

You mean everything to us and you are the keystone that keeps this family filled with love,

Your boys,

Wes and Daddy (but mostly me)


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