Today (and everyday) I am grateful for my amazing husband: how sweet was his post the other night? He surpasses any dream I could have had for the perfect partner: thoughtful, funny, generous, an amazing teacher. I am, indeed, lucky. It’s no surprise how attached Wesley is to his father. I think about this often, how broken both our lives would be if anything ever happened to Craig. They are lives I do not like to imagine.

Wes and I are headed over to the library later in the day. Good Night Florida is due back today, along with some other books. But I think I may need to purchase this one and add it permanently to Wesley’s library. It is good, I think, for him to learn about his home state, his environment. I hope the Michael Pollan books I’ve had on my coveted books list will be available for check-out, though since I think he was on Oprah’s show yesterday, my luck may be out. Maybe I’ll find a copy of Barbara Kingsolver’s latest novel instead. It is popular and seems to always be unavailable.

Yesterday, while I sat on the sofa reading a book, I spied Wesley sitting by his book sling, The Rainbow Fish on his lap, pointing at the fish on the page. In between points, he’d turn to his Busy Ball Popper and turn it on to hear the music. As soon as the music stopped, he’d start it up again. I wish I had a photo so you, too, could see the incredible loveliness of this moment.

It dawned on me (in part thanks to something I just read this morning in Montessori in the Classroom) that Wes would enjoy music playing in the background of our mornings. It may help to set a tone, in more ways than one. I chose Tchaikovsky today, my favorite. He loved to watch and hear me whistle along with the music. Less than ten minutes later, he was ready for his morning nap.

After the library, we’ll stop to buy a gift for a birthday party coming up next month. I wish we had better toy stores around. Even the two local independent ones are somewhat lacking. It is hard to find thoughtful toys other than online, I’m finding, especially for my “old-timey” baby. He’s warmed up to the Busy Ball Popper, true, but he’s happier with a set of stacking cups, a wooden pop-up toy. I hope the swing I posted up on Craig’s List sells quickly, allowing room in the nursery for this (placed horizontally). I want him to see, among the chaos of the rest of the house, that his room is his own, organized, and beautiful. Time, time: all I need is time.

Save for my having to venture out to work this evening, the day looks to be a good one. I hope yours is too.




4 thoughts on “1.28.10

  1. i love your blog! im usually just a lurker but i had to tell u that. wes is adorable and i love your pics of him! your lightroom post from a while back is the reason i bought that program\…..but i suck at photo editing.

  2. There’s something particularly lovely about this post (and “Wes’s post” yesterday). Thank you for these little glimpses into your life. I hope today was a good day, and I hope tomorrow will be, too.

  3. have I told u that I love reading ur blog? I am not as faithful as I should be but I play catch up u see?! Ur writings are lovely and it makes me feel like if I am there. I miss u so much! He is soo grown up too! Hope ur weekend is peaceful and full of charming moments. Kisses to the boys! Cris

  4. So sweet. You are indeed lucky – it’s a blessing to have a partner like that!

    One of the things that I love about waldorf is the singing.. singing to sleep, singing to wake up, singing at lunch. pretty much all the time 🙂

    I used to sing Jasper awake, now I just sing him to sleep. There are so many wonderful songs that they use in waldorf for both morning and night, I wish I knew more of them, or could buy a recording somewhere. I have actually toyed with the idea of recording some of them myself!

    One of my favorites for bedtime is Evening Still
    Evening Still and Starlight Pale
    By the brook the nightengale
    Sadly is singing
    Softly is winging
    Through the vale.


    The Sun descends in Fiery Tone
    All alone
    The blackbird sings
    The day is done.

    And for waking:

    Awake awake ye dreamers the cuckoo loudly calls
    The sun shines on the meadow and on the mountain walls
    Awaken Awaken the cuckoo loudly calls.

    Beats an alarm clock any day! Though I have to admit that when i was a camp counselor and had to sing my campers awake at 5:30 in the morning I wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic 🙂

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